tisdag 17 mars 2020

Example Europeana record that is wrong connected

This is a try to understand the JSON for an record in Europeana

1) below the  picture that is wrongly connected to Europeana Entity agent/base/60886 

that is same as Wikidata Q187310 correct person is Q5937128 see also the following blogpost about the consequences.

The file I guess is sent to Europeana is http://kulturarvsdata.se/S-XLM/photo/XLMCL014128-3

==> I think we can see that the record is connected to http://data.europeana.eu/agent/base/60886 ==> Wikidata search ==> Wikidata  Q187310 

done by the Europeana proxy and that the data sent to Europeana seems to lack information about the same as

  • dc:creator = Larsson, Carl
    • same as is missing
      • Wikidata P1248 kulturnav =  48fd203b-2b93-4b0e-89a4-64e0a4509ce0
      • Wikidata Q5937128
      • Wikidata P7704 Europeana Entity - I can see the following challenges
        • missing an entity in Europeana for this person but a Wikidata item exist...... 
        • lesson learned when working with this Swedish museum link
          • Most people from this museum are "local people"
            • most of them has no Authority in kulturnav 
          • Most of the people are not in Wikidata as it is local people
          • As Europeana started using a subset of dbpedia that is a subset of Wikidata then many people has no agent in Europeana
            • See task T243907 tracking how new entities can be created in Europeana  

The source Digitalmuseum

  • JSON
    • Photographer = 
      • typenull,
      • role"Fotograf",
      • name"Larsson, Carl",
      • uuid"0B628C53-4BEB-4911-B4AC-F235168E706E

My Magnus Sälgö unskilled guess is that this picture IS NOT connected to Carl Larsson = Wikidata Q5937128 ==> we get problems in Europeana

The JSON in Kulturarvsdata S-XLM/photo/XLMCL014128-3

2) Another "better" example

 If we look on another example of the photographer Carl Larsson 

  • Europeana record/916124/S_XLM_photo_XLMCLP007303
    • JSON
      • the same person "Carl Larsson" is now "Larsson, Carl J." and not matched
        and it looks like the identifier for Carl Larsson Wikidata Q5937128 is not available in Europeana
        • id 48fd203b-2b93-4b0e-89a4-64e0a4509ce0
3) Another example from Malmö Konstmuseum Karin at the shore

This JSON has two Agent entities:
  1. viaf.org/viaf/4932213 comes from the provider
  2. data.europeana.eu/agent/base/60886 comes from Europeana
Conclusion: The Swedish aggregator K-Samök doesnt send good enough data to Europeana to make good decisions

Question: What is missing?

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