torsdag 26 november 2020

Wikidata and books

 Can we better use Wikidata to describe a book?

Today we describe a published book in Wikidata mostly using 
  • Main topics Property:P921 --> we have one or more topics about the whole book

I would like to see if we can better describe parts of the book with Linked data

Example The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

  • Wikidata Q100528488
    • on page 1 they are i "Västra  Vemmenhög" same as Wikidata Q1642709

      • I have described that in Wikidata using Property 840 

      • see Q1642709#P840

By doing so we can easily display the book on a map using SPARQL

Example Places in Stockholm that the poet Carl Michael Bellman visited

lördag 14 november 2020



The natural way to design a system like ISOF I think is[redigera]

A small try to write down a checklist / Best practise please add/change - Salgo60 (disk) 10:38, 14 November 2020 (UTC)

  1. have persistant unique IDs for things like parish, country, places that are containers that Wikidata can do same as with
    1. the "leaf" that in this case is the register card should also have an persistant unique ID
    2. those container objects shall have landing plages and the persistant unique ID should be visible for the UI user compare Alvin Söderala
      1. all landing pages should be supported by GET i.e. you can address that page with an URL and dont need POST we have that problem with SCB Regina database see T200700
  2. to be a good member and on level 5 - link your data to other data to provide context they should have same as external authorities visible. A small step is same as Wikidata Qnumber other candidates are
    1. länskod (P507)
    2. TORA ID (P4820)
    3. sockenkod (P777)
    4. and nice to have is
      1. Hembygdsportalen-id (P6192)
      2. I hope museums will have better place identifiers we are trying to connect to Gotlands museum (P7068)Malmö Museer (P8773)
      3. identifiers for streets. My understanding is that en:Lantmäteriet has no persistent unique id for objects like streets see blog
  3. they should have version history and support merges by supporting redirects from the old item to the "new" item
    1. this should also be supported by the API compare Wikidata 'owl:sameas and a query merges
  4. they shall have a SPARQL and/or JSON access so that we can easy check differences
  5. have timestamps for created and changed
  6. nice to have
    1. change API like Wikidata
    2. support for a Query language like WDQS
    3. linking back to Wikipedia pages
  7. deleted items should be easy to find compare problems Europeana has with Wikidata that gets deleted

Example of problems we find[redigera]

  1. Persistent: Graves at are persistant IF we dont reload all graves. They have now reloaded more times --> i.e. its not persistent
  2. Quality Europeana did copy 160 000 items from dbpedia/Wikidata for artist BUT they havnt done the homework connect the right objects to the right artists instead used text strings and guessed --> bad quality see T243764
  3. Error reporting When connecting two domains you find provblems/errors e.g. Wikidata has indication on many duplicates in Uppsala University Alvin database but we have no easy way to report errors/ or they dont use Wikidata / Phabricator were we track issues see list duplicates or Task T243764
  4. Uniqueness - the Swedish National archives has NAD i.e. id for archives. We have reported that they are not archives and now we see some redesign using en:GUID to fix this see also Task T200046
  5. Lack of a helpdesk were we get an unique helpdesk id when we ask a question / report an issue . We have this problem with the Swedish National archives, SCB, ISOF, "Lantmäteriet" .... Swedish xxx has unique numbers but no easy way to see the status e.g. 2018NV38321
  6. Easy way of ask questions and see what questions other have asked. Good example is Libris most other institutions dont have this
  7. Easy way to subscribe on an issue and get a notification when its moved to production. We have this in Phabricator used by Wikidata and also see change stream
  8. Dataroundtrip as we now support linked data on pictures its getting more and more important to have a data roundtrip approach i.e. changes in WIkidata needs to be tracked and taking care of in both systems we can keep booth systems in synch. Today we try to fix that ad hoc but it would be better if we agreed on a "framework"/"model" see how we
    1. sync Wikidata <-> see also thoughts on better support Europeana Task T251225
    2. Swedish female biographies
    3. Webscrape and compare with Wikidata Swedish National Archive SBL / Graves Uppsala
  9. GET/PUT SCB Regina is designet so we cant link them using an URL. They need a post see T200700