torsdag 26 december 2013

Family Tree Maker versions

The versions of FTM (Family Tree Maker) is a little bit non logical. Below is my understanding please comment if something is wrong

Products sold
The official Family Tree Maker page ==>
you have today 2013  a Windows version 64-bit called Family Tree Maker version 2014  but it is also called  Family Tree Maker® 2014 or bundled called
(feels like they are to many people on the marketing department)

System requirement

  • Windows XP, Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Hard disk space: 675 MB for installation
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Display 1024 x 768 resolution
  • DVD Drive
  • Internet connection required

and a Mac version called Family Tree Maker Mac 3

System requirement
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later, including OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Intel-based Mac
  • DVD drive
  • All online features require Internet access

Product for free

There is for German speaking and Swedish speaking people a free Windows version available to download (the Swedish version) this version is called Family Tree Maker World Express see blogpost about that version.

==> today 2013 we have if we check on the version number in Windows

Free Windows version Family Tree Maker World Express language Swedish version 
Windows version Family Tree Maker 2014 ==> version
Mac version Family Tree Maker Mac 3 version ??? 

How to buy Family Tree Maker version 2014

As I would like to use what is best I tried to buy Family Tree Maker version 2014 and after some calls and googling I found out that 

Why make it simpel ;-)


Image processing

Goal: Is to be able to scan old picture and restore them in an easy and fast way

Next step:

  1. Evaluate software to use to get a better result
    1. Not to expensive - Adobe has a price of 100 Skr /month
    2. Possible to set levels of the Histogram, easy change colors and repair the picture with Content aware fill, Clone stamp tools
    3. Be easy and fast to work with ==> use some other input devices than mouse
    4. Add metadata to the picture ITPC
  2. Better input device
    1. Asked at Apple Store with no success

In the picture below my restore process has been the following using Adobe Photo Elements (old version)
  1. Used the Straighten 
  2. Cropped the photo so we got the original text and some frame around the picture
  3. Changed the levels of the Histogram to get more contrast
  4. Used the Clone Stamp Tool to repair the cracks

    See full size picture after and before

How to Restore Old Photographs
Photoshop Help /Retouching and repairing images
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Healing Brush tool
  • Spot Healing brush
Software to use?

Photoshops videos
Video when content aware fill doesn't work

Retouching damage photos using the "Clone stamping tool" and the healing brush

How to Repair An Old Photo

onsdag 25 december 2013

DIY Pinterest

Funny page with Do-It-Yourselfs ideas at Pinterest

What is your number?

Below the number of an employee Crista Cowan who has more than 61000 people in her tree her Ancestry profile. Check your number and think about if you are a Tree grower or a Tree Decorator

Magnus Sälgös numbers 2013-12-25 (Ancestry profile)

          Generation               Relationship            Possible  
      Identified in        
    Magnus tree        
2 * Great-
3 * Great-
4 * Great-
5 * Great-
6 * Great-
7 * Great-
8 * Great-
9 * Great-
10 * Great-
11 * Great-
12 * Great-
11 * Great-
12 * Great-

==> missing 57343-79 = 57264

Good report to find out the number of relatives per generation is the Hourglass report below -  How to create a Hourglass Chart in Family Tree Maker and how to save it
(pdf of the report for download)

Tree Grower or Tree Decorators

tisdag 24 december 2013

Relationship calculator in FTM 2014

See also this blog post of how to use the relationship calculator to find if you have more relations between 2 people and the following youtube video at 25:30
  • In the tools menu select Relationship calculator

  • In the path window you have the path between people
  • Click on the button View Relationship Chart ==> you get it in a chart as below

A more complex relationship:
1st cousin 1x removed of wife 1st cousin

Test using ITPC data in Adobe Photoelements

About ITPC

  1. Article about ITPC Metadata
  2. Article about ITPC in Adobe Photoelements
Goal Find a way of using ITPC and in best case also be able to get Flickr, to reuse the information added ==> Store as much information as possible in the electronic picture

  1. 20131223 Added ITPC information using Adobe Photoelements
  2. 20131223 Uplod them to using FTM and web, upload to Flickr
  3. 20131225 Read on the message board at Ancestry about ITPC ==>
    FTM's caption = Title
    FTM's date = Date taken
    FTM's description = Comments
  4. 20131225 New test setting the metadata i "windows" then it was transferred to Ancestry Caption and Description
    Windows Title -> Exif XPTitle --> FTM Caption
    Windows Comments --> Exif XPComment --> FTM Description

    below the attributes seen in Windows Explorer
and in ( we get "Bildens namn"/"Picture name" and "Beskrivning"/"Description" populated.

Attributes can also be changed using Microsoft Pro Photo Tools version 2

Lesson learned is that ITPC is a good way of storing information but not every site use that information

Next step

Test using Adobe Photo elements version 8 and ITPC

Select File/File Info ==>

Import into Flickr ==>

Exif data
CameraCouragent, Inc. Flip-Pal 100C
X-Resolution600 dpi
Y-Resolution600 dpi
Image Width2400
Image Height3600
  Image DescriptionKort från Västerås station ung 1954. Hittat i Brunt album hos Carl-Eric Sälgös dödsbo
OrientationHorizontal (normal)
SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 Windows
Date and Time (Modified)2013:12:24 16:44:21
Color SpacesRGB
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Caption- AbstractKort från Västerås station ung 1954. Hittat i Brunt album hos Carl-Eric Sälgös dödsbo
HeadlineValborg och Fride Sälgö med Mona på Västeråsstation
By-line Title2
Object NameValborg Fride Mona
Date Created1954:00:00
Province- StateVästmanlands län
Country- Primary Location NameSweden
KeywordsScanned Västerås
Global Angle30
Global Altitude30
Photoshop Quality10
Photoshop FormatStandard
Progressive Scans3 Scans
XMPToolkitAdobe XMP Core 4.2.2-c063 53.360203, 2008/10/08-10:33:40
OrientationHorizontal (normal)
Date and Time (Digitized)2010:08:14 14:58:38+02:00
Metadata Date2013:12:24 16:44:21+01:00
TitleValborg Fride Mona
DescriptionKort från Västerås station ung 1954. Hittat i Brunt album hos Carl-Eric Sälgös dödsbo
Color ModeRGB
ICCProfile NamesRGB IEC61966-2.1
StateVästmanlands län
Authors Position2
HeadlineValborg och Fride Sälgö med Mona på Västeråsstation
Original Document IDxmp.did:7FCCCBD1B06CE31188BA9BDF48D5CDB4
History Actioncreated
History Instance IDxmp.iid:7FCCCBD1B06CE31188BA9BDF48D5CDB4
History When2013:12:24 16:34:04+01:00
History Software AgentAdobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 Windows
History Changed/
LocationVästerås station
Country CodeSE
Creator Address3
Creator CityVästerås
Creator RegionVästmanland
Creator CountrySwedem
Viewing Conditions Illuminant TypeD50
Measurement ObserverCIE 1931
Measurement Flare0.999%
Measurement IlluminantD65
Color TransformYCbCr

Import into Family Tree Maker Windows

Caption gets information from Caption above but Description is not filled

Screen dump Family Tree Maker 2014

did the same test using the web interface with the same result. Is some discussions on about this issue and it looks like dont't adress it see

Update using the XPTitle and XPComment field we get the Metadata of the picture to Ancestry see section Done

The Photo imported using the web interface 

måndag 23 december 2013

Test Flip Pal Mobile scanner first impression

This is the first test of the Flip Pal Scanner the idea is to get an easy solution for scanning pictures see Using Iphone to Scan. The scanner was delivered in 3 days from Genealogysupplies in UK

I bought just the Scanner and got a 2 Gbyte memory card included. Think it would have been better to also buy case to store the scanner in.

Avfärd SunneCarl-Eric SälgöSCAN0008_GunnlisMona och Torbjörn Roos Luciadagen 1952 hemma hos Torbjörn i ÖrebroGunnlis, Mona, Carl-Eric Lucia dagen 1952 hemma hos Torbjörnni Örebro

This is a test of the Flip Pal Mobile scanner. First impression is easy to use and useful with 600DPI and the possibility to use battery makes it a portable and easy to carry solution.

It was easy to get started. A quick manual how to change the DPI and start the bundled software. The software included lacks the latest design and feels more like old windows software but it works. See also my blog about what software to use for image processing. The software included looks as Sexy as this with its retro feeling

EXIF of picture scanned
Picture 600 DPI
Sample pictures

Original size

Original size

Repairing the picture in Adobe Photo elements

Did some basic repairing using the Clone Stamp and changed the levels see also blogpost Image processing where I try to find better tools for repairing a picture



Other reviews of Flip Pal Scanner

lördag 21 december 2013

Svalkan Ulriksdal Frans Josef Lindner

Goal: To get more information about when Frans Josef Lindner arrived to Sweden 186? see story on Ancestry

Mellan Svalkan och Villa Skogsborg
Åren 1814-1819 nyttjade inte kungahuset Ulriksdal. En del av slottets personalbostäder började arrenderas ut för sommarboende. Med tiden uppläts även obebyggd mark mot att arrendatorn byggde hus för egna medel. Det första blev Svalkan 1877, som sedan 1936 är Evangeliska Fosterlandsstiftelsens sommarhem. Huset brann ned 1953 och ersattes med ett nytt.

Next step:

  1. Check ideas from Henrik Waldenström


  1. 20131219 Visit Svalkan 
  2. 20131220 Email Henrik Wadenström and got the following hints
    1. Kungliga Husgerådskammaren, eller visn avd på Slottet som visar Ulriksdal
    2. Ring Ulla-Britt de Marchi som guidat på ulriksdal 
    3. Riksantikvarieämbetet eller surfa runt


Svalkan uppfördes som sommarställe 1877 av skrivläraren Fredrik Funk, som bl a undervisade prinsarna Oskar och Carl i skönskrift Sedan 1936 har det varit Evangeliska Fosterlandsstiftelsens sommarhem. Det äldsta bostadshuset brann ner 1953, och ersattes två år senare av den nuvarande föreningsgården.

Ulriksdals Slotts trädgård
PDF om namnsättning inom Ulriksdals slottspark
Cafe Svalkan

onsdag 18 december 2013

A good approach to genealogy

Challenge Get a good habit of working with genealogy

Next step

  1. Get advice from others
  2. Do a training Släktforskning grund where the teacher Ulf Berggren is well skilled in Blacksmiths
  3. Read a book Mastering Genealogical Proof  ( on goodreads)
  4. Start using FTM 2014 better see my blog about

Good article how to check Family tree Manager FTM what quality you have

How to work with Notes

About research notes and private notes in FTM2014

Videos how to use Notes ==> for every person Crista Cowen recommends to create a story in time order of the person with question marks etc see video below. In Family Tree Maker(FTM) you have also the possibility to have research notes where you explain what you have done and how you will progress see below the section creating a research plan.

Personal Notes are also seen in the web interface...

How do I add Notes to FTM?
Creating a Research Note report

Notes in Family Tree versus Ancestry
In Family Tree Maker you can create a variety of notes: person, research, fact, relationship, media, and source citation. When you upload a tree to Ancestry only person notes will be included; they can only be viewed by people you have invited to your online tree. All Notes are since FTM2014 synced with the Tree and synced back if you loose your tree

Handling Sources

Evidence explained is the bible. There is a website and a book.

Ancestry insider om citations
Citations Principles for Genealogy Record Publishers

Creating a research plan

Article in Family Tree Magazine about creating a research plan

Crista Cowens advice see article Five steps to Doing Genealogy research as a Pro

Video from Crista Cowen about the subject.

Jan Granath om att etablera en sanning och kolla sina källor. Att dom källor som är upprättade när händelsen ägde rum är dom mest riktiga. Födelseböckerna vs. husförhör

Charts and Forms from Ancestry
Transcription standard for citations?

Poland DNA

Goal: To gather information about doing Genealogy with DNA in Poland

Next step: 

  1. Gather information
  2. Compare my test when I get the result

Article about finding roots with DNA in more countries where Poland is one Polish Family Tree DNA project

Dzień Dobry! Projekt jest przeznaczony dla każdego potomka w linii męskiej lub żeńskiej osoby zamieszkującej tereny ziem polskich - to jest należące dawnego Królestwa Polskiego z X-XVI w. oraz Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodów z okresu XVI-XVIII w. (po Unii Polsko-Litewskiej). Ziemie te odpowiadają terenom dzisiejszej Polski, Litwy, Łotwy, Białorusi i Ukrainy. W XIX w. okresie zaborów tereny te funkcjonowały pod lokalnymi nazwami jak: Królestwo Galicji, Śląsk, Księstwo Poznańskie, lub zostały włączone bezpośrednio do struktur państw zaborczych Rosji, Prus i Austrii. Dlatego też obowiązuje kryterium geograficzne, mimo iż polscy przodkowie mogli funkcjonować w dokumentach takich jak metryki, spisy, listy pasażerskie jako mieszkańcy Rosji, Prus czy Austrii. W razie pytań proszę o kontakt z administratorem projektu pod adresem e-mail:


In Swedish about number of Y-DNA tests done in different countries

Polish Y-DNA
Distribution of Y-DNA haplogroups by country

tisdag 17 december 2013

My usage of

I have a Word De Luxe subscription 1995 Skr/year (maybe I will change it feels expensive and I need to complement with other tools e.g. Arkiv Digital has much better quality from the Swedish Churchbooks)
  • I have been interested in doing my own Family Tree for more than 10 years ago. I have been "testing" a Swedish product called DISgen but never did a serious try. My son did some years ago some research by studing in the Swedish Church books.
  • Then I started to use the web version of and shared it with my son who also updated it
  • This year 2013 I have bought Family Tree Maker 2014 (FTM) from as the free Swedish version is not a full version. (Was more complicated than necessary to buy 2014 I had to call support....)
    • FTM 2014 on windows feels like a professional and easy tool to use and has more functionality than just using the webinterface
    • There is a great support in the youtube channel and also after some navigating there are good articles on the Web BUT you feel you miss some action from the people regarding supporting standards like ITPC, you miss a professional explanation how to use places and locations so it address problems like multilanguage, location based genealogy, how to handle non ASCII languages. The feeling I have is that Ancestry miss some kind of edge knowledge or that I havn't found the best people to chat with 
  • I use the Iphone app to display the tree and sometime update it from the app
  • Tested the Iphone application Shoebox for uploading pictures to my tree not sure if it is the right tool as I am evaluating Flip Pal mobile and then you will 
    • Scan the picture
    • Process the image to get better quality
    • Upload to the Image tree
    Iphone App
    Nice application where you can update some attributes like location and resolve the location but not add a place description.... 

Next step

How to improve my usage of Ancestry and Family Tree Manager 2014
  1. Training Släktforskning grund where the teacher Ulf Berggren is well skilled in Blacksmiths
  2. Read some books the Companion Guide mentioned below
  3. Start scanning pictures and document them see about scanning picture
  4. Follow the youtube channel of Ancestry and the events they announce on FB
  5. Read the book Mastering Genealogical Proof and understand how to handle sources etc. in a best way


Syncing an update tree between and Family Tree Manager
TreeSync has been enhanced in Family Tree Maker 2014 to allow the following data to synchronize in both directions:
  • Source Templates
  • Research Notes
  • Fact Notes
  • Media Notes
  • Relationship Notes
  • Relationship Media
  • Media File Names
  • Media Categories
Please note that not all tree data will be viewable in the online tree. For example, source templates and research notes. However, since the data is stored online, it can be included when/if you ever need to restore your tree from the online version.
The difference between FTM and FTM 2012
A discussion of the datamodel of Family Tree Maker for sources and source citations

Books about Family Tree Maker

I bought the Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker as a book the same version as you have electronical when installing the software.


Ancestry insider

Family Tree 2014

Lesson learned is that easiest way to upgrade to 2014 is buying from site a download version as the USA site doesn't let you buy from Sweden

2014 version of FTM
Free version in Swedish


Selected videos from

My selection of videos related to genealogy

Ancestrys videos on youtube more than 500

Ancestry on the subject rank the surces at 17 minutes how to rank the sources

A blog post about ranking a source


Good source about working with Family Tree 2014
Versions released by Family Tree
Family Tree Maker HomePage
Creating Source Citations in Family Tree Maker 2011 - Post 3: Online Databases
All items labelled Source Citation from geneamusings

torsdag 12 december 2013

Locations and Location based genealogy

Goal how to get an approach how to add places/locations in the best way regarding to
  1. Interact with other when exporting using GEDCOM (think about the DNA matching)
    1. GEDCOM 5.5.1 has some support for a better location model
  2. Better do location based genealogy (see ancestry youtube video at 24:20) ==> the software needs to understand the notation used to locate it on the map
    1. Easy find which people have an event in this town or area -> 
      1. use location named that are resoved
    2. Which people are buried in this graveyard and where are they located -> 
      1. possibility to add the name of the graveyard and also the location and the type of event
    3. When I am at a place easy document the building they lived in with a GPS coordinate and pictures
  3. Be more clear and also use the possibility in Family Tree 2014 with GPS coordinates for example what building an event happened, or where a grave is located
  4. Get a correct time document if something is happening in Wroclaw 2013 then use the Polish name not the German name that was the name of the town earlier


  1. 20140228 all places are changed to resolved on the map ==> in description the additional information is like a block or what hous

Resources about "Which genealogical software supports location-based events?"

Youtube video about places and resolving the names so that the software recognize them. At 24:00 how to create a report about a place

- non standardized names 
- names has changed over time 4:40, 5:20, 5:50
- create reports for a place 20:20, 23:15, 23:45 (filtering person list based on area 22:10)
- using description for a non incorporated place 8:50
- using the GPS location 10:01 (can be used for position a grave, a specific house...)
- displaying all that action that belongs to an area 
- how to add an non actual place (e.g. World War in Description field and as place use USA 13:30)
- Have to detailed information/granularity e.g. a cementary location 14:40, 19:45
- Historic place name or actual place name 15:40 (solution is place name is the current and in the description is the historical name)
- A place has changed county 17:40 (Description gets the original county)


From 2011 about Gedcom 5.5.1 and places
FTM 2014 and Place importance

How to create customized reports based on location in FTM 2014

Location Based Genealogy

Using to set locations see Josef Lindner

1. Click on the life event in the left column
2. Click on Move this Pin
3. Move the pin to wanted location and save

The place below is at Edsviken and is the house that my Ancestor Josef Lindner I think built. He is in the churchbook mentioned on the page for this house and I have found indications that it was a small summerhouse built to one of the persons working for the king. Today it is a Cafe and you can rent a room(which I will do to in memory to Mr Lindner ;-) )

Ross resources

Immigration paths

FTM2014 - Places Workspace Views

FTM Problem

When you resolve a place you need to find a match in the list above
Högsjö, Södermanland, Stockholm

Then the additional info goes to the Place detail field ==> Utansjö bruk

My feeling is that this is sent to as one field ==>
Utansjö bruk, Högsjö, Södermanland, Stockholm

==> we loose the information that we have splitted the field. This information is just in the windows database FTM 2014

If we unlink the tree from FTM and relink and download the tree from we just get everything unresolved ===>

==> we have no structure of a lot of places compare Utanbygatan 6 A that should be in the structure above under Västmanland