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My usage of Ancestry.com

I have a Word De Luxe subscription 1995 Skr/year (maybe I will change it feels expensive and I need to complement with other tools e.g. Arkiv Digital has much better quality from the Swedish Churchbooks)
  • I have been interested in doing my own Family Tree for more than 10 years ago. I have been "testing" a Swedish product called DISgen but never did a serious try. My son did some years ago some research by studing in the Swedish Church books.
  • Then I started to use the web version of Ancestry.com and shared it with my son who also updated it
  • This year 2013 I have bought Family Tree Maker 2014 (FTM) from ancestry.co.uk as the free Swedish version is not a full version. (Was more complicated than necessary to buy 2014 I had to call support....)
    • FTM 2014 on windows feels like a professional and easy tool to use and has more functionality than just using the webinterface
    • There is a great support in the youtube channel and also after some navigating there are good articles on the Web BUT you feel you miss some action from the Ancestry.com people regarding supporting standards like ITPC, you miss a professional explanation how to use places and locations so it address problems like multilanguage, location based genealogy, how to handle non ASCII languages. The feeling I have is that Ancestry miss some kind of edge knowledge or that I havn't found the best people to chat with 
  • I use the Iphone app to display the tree and sometime update it from the app
  • Tested the Iphone application Shoebox for uploading pictures to my tree not sure if it is the right tool as I am evaluating Flip Pal mobile and then you will 
    • Scan the picture
    • Process the image to get better quality
    • Upload to the Image tree
    Iphone App
    Nice application where you can update some attributes like location and resolve the location but not add a place description.... 

Next step

How to improve my usage of Ancestry and Family Tree Manager 2014
  1. Training Släktforskning grund where the teacher Ulf Berggren is well skilled in Blacksmiths
  2. Read some books the Companion Guide mentioned below
  3. Start scanning pictures and document them see about scanning picture
  4. Follow the youtube channel of Ancestry and the events they announce on FB
  5. Read the book Mastering Genealogical Proof and understand how to handle sources etc. in a best way


Syncing an update tree between Ancestry.com and Family Tree Manager
TreeSync has been enhanced in Family Tree Maker 2014 to allow the following data to synchronize in both directions:
  • Source Templates
  • Research Notes
  • Fact Notes
  • Media Notes
  • Relationship Notes
  • Relationship Media
  • Media File Names
  • Media Categories
Please note that not all tree data will be viewable in the online tree. For example, source templates and research notes. However, since the data is stored online, it can be included when/if you ever need to restore your tree from the online version.
The difference between FTM and Ancestry.com FTM 2012
A discussion of the datamodel of Family Tree Maker for sources and source citations

Books about Family Tree Maker

I bought the Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker as a book the same version as you have electronical when installing the software.


Ancestry insider

Family Tree 2014

Lesson learned is that easiest way to upgrade to 2014 is buying from ancestry.co.uk site a download version as the USA site doesn't let you buy from Sweden

2014 version of FTM
Free version in Swedish http://www.ancestry.se/cs/se/ftm


Selected videos from Ancestry.com

My selection of videos related to genealogy

Ancestrys videos on youtube more than 500

Ancestry on the subject rank the surces at 17 minutes how to rank the sources

A blog post about ranking a source


Good source about working with Family Tree 2014 http://ftmuser.blogspot.se/p/ftm2014.htm
Versions released by Family Tree
Family Tree Maker HomePage
Creating Source Citations in Family Tree Maker 2011 - Post 3: Online Databases
All items labelled Source Citation from geneamusings

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