torsdag 26 december 2013

Image processing

Goal: Is to be able to scan old picture and restore them in an easy and fast way

Next step:

  1. Evaluate software to use to get a better result
    1. Not to expensive - Adobe has a price of 100 Skr /month
    2. Possible to set levels of the Histogram, easy change colors and repair the picture with Content aware fill, Clone stamp tools
    3. Be easy and fast to work with ==> use some other input devices than mouse
    4. Add metadata to the picture ITPC
  2. Better input device
    1. Asked at Apple Store with no success

In the picture below my restore process has been the following using Adobe Photo Elements (old version)
  1. Used the Straighten 
  2. Cropped the photo so we got the original text and some frame around the picture
  3. Changed the levels of the Histogram to get more contrast
  4. Used the Clone Stamp Tool to repair the cracks

    See full size picture after and before

How to Restore Old Photographs
Photoshop Help /Retouching and repairing images
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Healing Brush tool
  • Spot Healing brush
Software to use?

Photoshops videos
Video when content aware fill doesn't work

Retouching damage photos using the "Clone stamping tool" and the healing brush

How to Repair An Old Photo

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