söndag 11 november 2018

"Things not strings in pictures"

We are now in Wikicommons adding structured data for pictures. Lesson learned from some test in WIkidata and depict of part of a picture I feel we need an extra layer for depicts. I see what you depict in a picture is dependent on what story you would like to tell.... i.e.

- depict people in a painting
- depict details in a painting
- depict differences between 2 objects

I was part of a OCLC subsidary and then we created a SGML solution and using the HyTime standard for "annotate" SGML dependent on who was accessing it......

For me this is the next step of "Things not strings" that you also depict details in a picture....

Question: Do you agree this is of interest and should we have a WikiDepict layer that is depicting objects in Wikicommons (also video)....
==> more depicts layers can describe what is in one picture...

Some small test finding pictures that depicts people with P3217 ==> I feel this will be very interesting for GLAM


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