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SBL Wikidata P3217

The Dictionary of Swedish National Biography is a biographical dictionary that was first published in 1917. This dictionary is a general list, based on first-hand sources, of significant people and their achievements at various stages in the development of Swedish society.

We have no created a property at WIkidata P3217 that will contain the ID of SBL

Histropedia - en - sv - sv people in SBL and also Spotify

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Graves with Google map link


söndag 25 december 2016

Socken -> Wikidata

If you have feedback please contact me

Version 0.1 of description

  1. Pictures count 2363 (picture query slow test list)
    1. Missing pictures count 106  
  2. Geolocations count 2363 (map)
    1. Having sockenkod and missing geolocations count 0
    2. Missing geolocation for instance of socken count 37
  3. Socken kod count 2355
    1. Missing socken kod for instance of socken Q1523821 count 62
  4. Maps P242 count 512 (image view,  map)
    1. Missing maps count 1851
  5. Arms count 18
    1. Missing Arms count + 2300
  6. Administrative territorial entity count 2069 (map with layer)
    1. Missing Administrative territorial entity count 304 (map)

Sources for "socken"/"församling" info


A big work has been done creating parish pages. Those pages includes template that could be mapped to Wikidata see Kategori:Geografiska_faktamallar_för_Sverige

Tool to move template -> Wikidata Harvest template

Check articles with  Mall Sn-RAÄ

  1. 2379 socken 
  2. 243 stad 
  3. 105 with stad + socken
==> 2379 +243 -105 = 2517

Check articles with template Infobox_socken_Sverige

  1. 2408 found with Wikidata Harvest template

Articles in Wikipedia the template Sn-RAÄ that is not a socken/parish

==> should not be moved to Wikidata
==> 2517-4 = 2513

Property problems P777


  1. Number of Items with P777
    1. Before 12 records
    2. After run and some correcting 2355
  2. Number of instance of Swedish parishes Q1523821 2383 query
    1. You also have "stad" city
  3. Socken kod on object that are not instance of Q1523821
    1. Number 2349
  4. Socken kod on objects with missing location

Property mapping

  1. Uppgick i 
    1. Property ?
    2. Example Vists socken i Västergötland, ingick i Vilske härad, uppgick senast omkring 1690 i Floby socken och området är sedan 1974 en del av Falköpings kommun. 
  2. Området är sedan 1971 en del av
    1. Property ?
    2. Example Bromma_socken,_Uppland
  3. Example Lovene_socken uppgick senast omkring 1690 
  4. Sicklaö
    var ursprungligen en del av Solna socken, och utbröts därur 1588 för att överföras till Brännkyrka socken och borde naturligen hört till Nacka kapellförsamling när dess kyrka blev klar 1695. Då det fanns en präst och kyrka vid Danvikens hospital som gärna ville få fler församlingsbor, så blev det efter ett antal turer så att enligt kungligt förordnade från 14 februari 1727 att de boende på Sicklaö samt på egendomen Hammarby, skulle höra till Danviken. Socknen och församlingen kallades också Danviks hospital och Sicklaö socken/församling.[2]
  5. Vagnhärads_socken
    Vid kommunreformen 1862 överfördes socknens kyrkliga frågor till Vagnhärads församling medan de borgerliga överläts till Vagnhärads landskommun. Landskommunen uppgick 1926 i Trosa-Vagnhärads landskommun som 1952 gick upp i Vagnhärads landskommun. Denna uppgick 1974 i Nyköpings kommun men bröts ut 1992 till Trosa kommun. Församlingen uppgick samtidigt som landskommunen 1926 i Trosa-Vagnhärads församling som 2010 uppgick i Trosa församling.[2][3]
  6. Nya Varvets socken ingick i Askims härad, upplöstes 1930 och området är sedan 1971 en del av Göteborgs kommun.
  7. Följs av P156 see Q10436031
  8. Property:P242 Översiktskarta 
  9. Property:P94 Bild av heraldiskt vapen
  10. Property:P18 Bild
  11. Property:P571 Datum för grundande
  12. Property:P1082 Folkmängd
    1. Property:P585 Tidpunkt
  13.  bildtext =
  14.  vapenbeskrivning
  15. landskap
  16. härad
  17. kyrkby
  18. kyrkbyort
  19. yta
  20. ytaår
  21. ytanot
  22. befolkning
  23. befolkningnot
  24. befolkningår

Property to be created?

  1. SOFI
  2. Bygdeband
  3. Digitalt museum
  4. Porträttfynd
  5. Riksarkivet
  6. Family Search

How to show parish borders in Fornsök

torsdag 22 december 2016

Timeline of people buried on The Northern Cemetery

Number of articles about Swedish painters paintings

# The number of Wikipedia articles (in any language) of paintings by painter from Sweden
SELECT ?painter ?painterLabel (COUNT(DISTINCT ?article) AS ?count) WHERE {
  ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q3305213 .
    ?article schema:about ?item .
  ?article schema:isPartOf ?wiki .
  FILTER regex (str(?wiki), "").
  ?item wdt:P170 ?painter .
  ?painter wdt:P27 wd:Q34 . 
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" }
} GROUP BY ?painter ?painterLabel HAVING (?count > 0 )

måndag 19 december 2016

Wikidata query missing grave pictures on Norra Begravningsplatsen

Norra Begravningsplatsen - Northern Cemetery Stockholm Q252312

Graves with pictures of grave

See also:

Graves by century

Query done by Ainali

Wikidata query Men vs. Female on cemetery Norra Begravningsplatsen

Query done by Ainali

Filter on gender by clicking upper right

lördag 3 december 2016

Yayoi Kusama

Map of locations of her work - 8 works with no pictures 2016-dec

Artists in Wikidata part of the same movements as Yayoi Kusama

abstract art and poπ art displayed in a Graph



Yayoi Kusama, Princess of Polka Dot


Moma Multimedia

lördag 19 november 2016

Skagen painters mm for myMuseum

Helene Schjerfbeck

Skagenpainters Q726483

  1. Fritz Stoltenberg (Q1468540)
    1. Member of P463 Skagen
  2. Wilhelm Peters Q12010647
    1. Member of P463 Skagen
  3. Johannes Wilhjelm Q12320133
    1. Member of P463 Skagen
  4. Frederik Lange Q15530808
    1. Member of P463
  5. Charles Lundh Q15572721
    1. Member of P463
  6. Julius Runge Q15575216
    1. Member of P463
  7. Peder Severin Kröyer Q365068
    1. Member of P463
  8. Anna_Ancher Q253446
    1. Member of P463
  9. Michael_Ancher Q468252
    1. Member of P463
  10. Karl_Madsen Q3051872
    1. Member of P463
  11. Laurits Tuxen Q976826
    1. Member of P463
  12. Marie Krøyer Q273933
    1. Member of P463
  13. Carl_Locher Q2979668
    1. Member of P463
  14. Viggo_Johansen Q2259866
    1. Member of P463
  15. Thorvald Niss Q2695064
    1. Member of P463
  16. Oscar_Björck Q282512
    1. Member of P463
  17. Johan Krouthén Q1901235
    1. Member of P463
  18. Christian_Krohg Q334200
    1. Member of P463
  19. Eilif_Peterssen Q739176
    1. Member of P463

söndag 13 november 2016

lördag 15 oktober 2016

myMuseum - the semantic WEB


1. Arrival to the museum

Match my earlier myMuseum profile with whats in the museum today


  1. The museum has the current the exhibitions and the material they have in RDF
  2. The user arrives with the myMuseum app that contains his datamodel over interest and also social media contacts e.g. facebook
  3. A match between museum and myMuseum data is done

1-2 Display information related to me and the painting

1-1-1 My social network

A check is done of any other people in the social network that also visit the museum has been at the museum


  1. The user has connected myMuseum to his social media contacts
  2. The social media connections are in the myMuseum profile contacts
  3. The myMuseum user has by visiting other profiles   

2-2-1 Use my facts I am interesting to learn more about

2. Visiting a painting - myMuseum

2-1 Display the painting in the app

use some technology for Indoor Positioning and/or NFC QR

2-2 Display information related to me and the painting

2-2-1 My social network

Other people in the social networ that also visit the museum and what they liked

2-2-1 Use my facts I am interesting to learn more about

3. Leaving the museum

  • We have learned more about the museum and the paintings
  • We have learned that also one of our friends has visted the museum
  • We have "learned" the application myMuseum what we are interested in

3-1 Get what's next

3-1-1 Get what's next Q18585873 Karl XI, 1655-1697, king of Sweden

  • Other places to visit
    • Drottningholm and learn more about the Ehrenstrahlsalongen Q10480343 room  
    • Skokloster and see other people at this time also potriated on a hourse - August Wrangler
    • Rome and the picture
  • Learn more about Court Painters in the 1700
  • Learn more about the King Q18585873
    • Visit Riddarholms church and the grave - WikiData 
    • See on Youtube Herman Lindqvist 
    • Read
      • Bibliografisk lexikon

fredag 14 oktober 2016

iRelate - Visit my museum - the Semantic Museum model

Basic concept is using the mobile phone and create your relations using my Family Tree or my Interest profile

==> We will have
  1. Family Tree==> Number of people approx 400
    1. Related to different time periods
    2. Related to different occupations
    3. Related to different locations
  2. Interest profile
    1. Subjects you are interested in (WikiData Q numbers)
    2. Locations you are interested in

We visit a museum

  1. How do I relate we get an information what part of the exhibition relate to us....
  2. I relate to we find a part of an exhibition we connect this part to some part of our Family Tree
    1. RDF Same AS .....
    2. Locations
  3. Lifelong learning - create a interest profile

Examples museum

The Royal Amory  - Bump

Answer: You have in your family tree 10 generations a connection to blacksmith Hans Stockhaus working at Stensta as a Blacksmith. Stensta delivered the material to that was sent to Arboga and then to Antwerpen and created the 

Relationship Trail

1. Magnus is the son of Carl-Eric Sälgö DNA confirmed 
2. Carl-Eric is the son of Valborg Linnéa Viktoria (Lindner) Sälgö [unknown confidence] 
3. Valborg is the daughter of Sofia Olivia (Lindner) Viberg [unknown confidence] 
4. Sofia Olivia is the daughter of Sofia Olivia Fridström [unknown confidence] 
5. Sofia Olivia is the daughter of Per Fridström [unknown confidence] 
6. Per is the son of Anna Maria Forslund [unknown confidence] 
7. Anna Maria is the daughter of Anna Maria Mejer [unknown confidence] 
8. Anna Maria is the daughter of Peter Mejer [unknown confidence] 
9. Peter is the son of Maria Gustafsdotter Hagberg [unknown confidence] 
10. Maria is the daughter of Magdalena Andersdotter [unknown confidence] 
11. Magdalena is the daughter of Katarina Lukasdotter Stockhaus [unknown confidence] 
12. Katarina is the daughter of Lukas Adamsson Stockhaus [unknown confidence] 
13. Lukas is the son of Adam Stockhaus [unknown confidence] 
14. Adam is the son of Hans Stockhaus [unknown confidence] BlackSmith at Stensta creating 

The parade armor was originally made by Eliseus Libaerts of Antwerp for King Erik XIV of Sweden in 1563-1564.

Estonia pictures

DNA profile tells I have roots in the tghe Estonia area of xxx