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iRelate - Visit my museum - the Semantic Museum model

Basic concept is using the mobile phone and create your relations using my Family Tree or my Interest profile

==> We will have
  1. Family Tree==> Number of people approx 400
    1. Related to different time periods
    2. Related to different occupations
    3. Related to different locations
  2. Interest profile
    1. Subjects you are interested in (WikiData Q numbers)
    2. Locations you are interested in

We visit a museum

  1. How do I relate we get an information what part of the exhibition relate to us....
  2. I relate to we find a part of an exhibition we connect this part to some part of our Family Tree
    1. RDF Same AS .....
    2. Locations
  3. Lifelong learning - create a interest profile

Examples museum

The Royal Amory  - Bump

Answer: You have in your family tree 10 generations a connection to blacksmith Hans Stockhaus working at Stensta as a Blacksmith. Stensta delivered the material to that was sent to Arboga and then to Antwerpen and created the 

Relationship Trail

1. Magnus is the son of Carl-Eric Sälgö DNA confirmed 
2. Carl-Eric is the son of Valborg Linnéa Viktoria (Lindner) Sälgö [unknown confidence] 
3. Valborg is the daughter of Sofia Olivia (Lindner) Viberg [unknown confidence] 
4. Sofia Olivia is the daughter of Sofia Olivia Fridström [unknown confidence] 
5. Sofia Olivia is the daughter of Per Fridström [unknown confidence] 
6. Per is the son of Anna Maria Forslund [unknown confidence] 
7. Anna Maria is the daughter of Anna Maria Mejer [unknown confidence] 
8. Anna Maria is the daughter of Peter Mejer [unknown confidence] 
9. Peter is the son of Maria Gustafsdotter Hagberg [unknown confidence] 
10. Maria is the daughter of Magdalena Andersdotter [unknown confidence] 
11. Magdalena is the daughter of Katarina Lukasdotter Stockhaus [unknown confidence] 
12. Katarina is the daughter of Lukas Adamsson Stockhaus [unknown confidence] 
13. Lukas is the son of Adam Stockhaus [unknown confidence] 
14. Adam is the son of Hans Stockhaus [unknown confidence] BlackSmith at Stensta creating 

The parade armor was originally made by Eliseus Libaerts of Antwerp for King Erik XIV of Sweden in 1563-1564.

Estonia pictures

DNA profile tells I have roots in the tghe Estonia area of xxx

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