lördag 15 oktober 2016

myMuseum - the semantic WEB


1. Arrival to the museum

Match my earlier myMuseum profile with whats in the museum today


  1. The museum has the current the exhibitions and the material they have in RDF
  2. The user arrives with the myMuseum app that contains his datamodel over interest and also social media contacts e.g. facebook
  3. A match between museum and myMuseum data is done

1-2 Display information related to me and the painting

1-1-1 My social network

A check is done of any other people in the social network that also visit the museum has been at the museum


  1. The user has connected myMuseum to his social media contacts
  2. The social media connections are in the myMuseum profile contacts
  3. The myMuseum user has by visiting other profiles   

2-2-1 Use my facts I am interesting to learn more about

2. Visiting a painting - myMuseum

2-1 Display the painting in the app

use some technology for Indoor Positioning and/or NFC QR

2-2 Display information related to me and the painting

2-2-1 My social network

Other people in the social networ that also visit the museum and what they liked

2-2-1 Use my facts I am interesting to learn more about

3. Leaving the museum

  • We have learned more about the museum and the paintings
  • We have learned that also one of our friends has visted the museum
  • We have "learned" the application myMuseum what we are interested in

3-1 Get what's next

3-1-1 Get what's next Q18585873 Karl XI, 1655-1697, king of Sweden

  • Other places to visit
    • Drottningholm and learn more about the Ehrenstrahlsalongen Q10480343 room  
    • Skokloster and see other people at this time also potriated on a hourse - August Wrangler
    • Rome and the picture
  • Learn more about Court Painters in the 1700
  • Learn more about the King Q18585873
    • Visit Riddarholms church and the grave - WikiData 
    • See on Youtube Herman Lindqvist 
    • Read
      • Bibliografisk lexikon

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