tisdag 30 september 2014

Trip Report in search of the identity of Momcilo Petrovitz and the Serbian roots

Did a trip to Serbia to learn a more of my mothers absent biological father Momcilo Petrovitz

Lesson learned:
  1. Momcilo Petrovitz didnt care about my mother
  2. Momcilo Petrovitz seems to have been insane rich - how? was he criminal? Bribery?
  3. Momcilo Petrovitz married an opera singer Mirjana Kalinović. He married an operasinger 23 years younger than himself and he was older than her mother
    daughter Mirjana Kalinović born 1925 dead 1974 married to Momcilo 1953 aug
    mother Melanija Bugarinovic born 1905 dead 09 sep 1986
  4. The mother of the opera singer was a famous operasinger and the story I have heard that she travelled to Sweden to destroy my mothers birth certificate seems to be true.
  5. People still living and related to Momcilo still dont tell me the truth and they 
    1. try to stop me from meeting my mothers cousin Vladan Radoman 
    2. try to hide everything like the death date of Momcilo Petrovitz
    3. dont show me anýthung related to Momcilo Petrovitz

      Looks like the reason is some more or less criminal acts that is related to the money that was left by Momcilo Petrovitz
      see article Legat velike umetnice pokraden translated to Swedish/English

Wikitree profiles (in progress)

  1. Vladan Radoman
  2. Momcilo Petrovitz
    1. Birth records found in Požarevač see video
    2. Grave found in Belgrade see wikitree
    3. House on Puskinova 15 and 38 found
      Puskinova 15 size 1.432 kvadratmeter
      Puskinova 38 size 1788,50 kvadratmeter
    4. In the City museum in Novi Sad is part of the belongings of Momcilo and Mirjana  see http://www.museumns.rs/en/node/18
    5. Article about what happened to inherit after Momcilo


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