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Chapter 2 Mastering Genealogical Proof

Read the chapter 2 and use Carl-Åke Lundbergs father as the case ancestors Anders Lundberg descendants (21 Sep 1764 - 15 May 1834)

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Research Questions

Focused Questions
A) When was he born?
B) Where was he born?
C) What is the name of the mother and father?
D) With his first wife did he have any other children than Anna Maja
E) When did he became a soldier?
F) Where did he live before 1810 when he moved into Tränkatorpet

I) Relationship questions
C) What is the name of the mother and father?
D) With his first wife did he have any other children than Anna Maja

II) Identity

III) Activity


The sources we have or are missing this is based on what you normally can find about a person in Sweden ==> Birth book and Household records, then Moved in / moved out and some note in the Marriage records ==> Death records and hopefully a Inventory where you see all the children and what he owned when he died

A) Birth book 

Is the book the priest writes down 
  1. who was born
  2. when he/she was born
  3. parents
  4. if someone else was at the birth (can indicate some relation to the parents)
Missing status see http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#_note-0 or Research Notes http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#Research_Notes 

we believe he was born in  21 Sep 1764 the south of Sweden Skåne somewhere. SOurces that claims this
  1. In the military book it says Skåning in http://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/1/1a/Lundberg-164.png (below his name in column nr 6 below his name
  2. In household record 
    Stora Åby AI:5 (1826-1835) Image 172 / page 327 (AID: v29230.b172.s327, NAD: SE/VALA/00351)
    http://www.arkivdigital.se/aid/show/v29230.b172.s327 (see pic)
    we have Skåne 1864 or 1869 and birth place could be Westerstad (today spelled Västerstad)

B) Household records

Is the book where the priest normally once a year writes and you can see 
  1. who is living in the house and the relation
  2. if people has moved out they are overstrike and then you can have a note in a moved out book and in another parish moved in book
  3. if a person has died -> you also will see a note and the cause in the death book
  4. skills in reading, understand the bible
  5. where the person where born and what year
  6. if they are married - there will also be a note in the married book
  7. occupation
  8. when they moved into the place and from where - this can be an indication to a record in the moved in book and the moved out book of the parish they left

Missing records between 1764-1800
  1. 1800 we should look in Heda parish
  2. 1764 we should look in the south of Sweden called Skåne see wikitree http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#_note-0

This record is a little bit difficult to understand but it says moved in 1800 from Heda

In Column 6 it says 1790 which is when they married ==> indication it was in Heda
We have moved in Heda 1800
Anna Maja has a comment which could be Reads ??? fast she also has aa i column 9 that is 
Tells when a person moved into the parish and from where. Normally when you moved from one parish to another you should have a document from the Parish you moved out from

In Arkiv Digital 
  • we have no Moved in/out records before 1881 for Stora Åby parish
  • we have in Heda the first Moved in/out 1822

D) Banns and Marriage records

Household record Stora Åby AI:2 indicates Anders Lundberg and Maja Pehrsdotter married 1790 ==> could be in Heda ==> we check the marriage records for Heda

  • in Heda we have from 1667 ==> 1790 is page 243-277 in the book Heda C:2 (1700-1799) Image 3 (AID: v37649.b3, NAD: SE/VALA/00128)

    We have 1790 on page 263 and finds Anders Lundberg and also his first wife Maja Perhrsd(otter eng. Pers daughter) living on Valby ägor (could be that they lived on some mark that was owned by a house called Valby. Valby as the place they lived in is also indicated in the birth record of Anna Maja Lundberg see pic

    Maybe a negative evidence that Andes Lundberg didn't have the title of Livgrenadjär ==> indicates that he is not a soldier whick is inline with the military records that said in 1803 he has been on duty 11 years ==>  Military 1791/92 when he still lived in Heda

Arkiv Digital Mariagge record  http://www.arkivdigital.net
Picture of original Heda C:2 (1700-1799) Image 136 / page 263 (AID: v37649.b136.s263, NAD: SE/VALA/00128)
The church we can believe they married in is Heda church see wiki
Inside Heda kyrka

  • Heda Kyrka could be the place were Anders Lundstedt and Maja married 6 nov 1790
Carin Sköld the second wife we have Marriage date from the household books is May 2, 1830 ==> check in Stora Åby Paris and book Stora Åby C:3 (1818-1852) Image 253 / page 497 (AID: v40779.b253.s497, NAD: SE/VALA/00351)

Conclusion of the marriage record
2 May we have Marriage number 4 this year
Between Anders Lundberg and Carin Sköld
He 65 years old She 39 years old
He is afsk(dismissed ==> he had have his 30 years in duty) Livgrenadjär (eng. type of soldier)
Enkling ==> his first wife died
Uppvisat Bouppteckning och testamente ==> He has presentet the Estate and Inventory after Maja Pehrsdotter and the will
in front of tinget ==> the court d. 25 nov 1829
Båda från Jernstads ägor ==> Both from Jernstads egor
Lyst d 28/3 ( date when announced in the church that they will marry)

Stora Åby Jernstad could indicate the church they married in is Stora Åby church see wiki

E) Military records

We have found military records when he lives in Stora Åby

As we have an indication that he 1803 has been military for 11 years ==> 1791/1792 we miss records from the time he lived in Heda and was a military see  http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#_note-8

F) Estate and Inventory
See explaination link. We have from the death of Anders Lundberg the first wife

Maja Pährsdotter
Lysings häradsrätt FII:30 (1828-1829) Image 410 / page 813 (AID: v77080.b410.s813, NAD: SE/VALA/01556)

Anders Lundberg
In 20 may 1834 an Estate inventory was done see Arkiv Digital] photos of  Lysings häradsrätt FII:32 (1833-1834) Image 383 / page 701 (AID: v77082.b383.s701, NAD: SE/VALA/01556)

Carin Sköld

G) Video of a Inventoryhttp://www.hasserydbergsalster.se/hasses%20filmer/Stora%20Aby%20Torpinventering%20film/Jarnstad.wmv a Inventory of torp (torp means a small dwelling, such as a cottage, with a small leased farm area cultivated by its inhabitants, similar to a croft.) They visited Tränkatorpet and the house was moved to Storgatan 45 in Ödeshög Google map

Below a youtube viedoe just replaying the video above

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