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Mastering Genealogical Proofs

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Legat velike umetnice pokraden

Article Legat velike umetnice pokraden google translated
by Maja Pavlica


Legat great artist robbed

27 Jul 2011, 13:27
Unknown heirs were able to change the status of the legacy part of one of the two villas on Dedinju by opera diva Melanie Bugarinović left Novi Sad for scholarships for young musicians, a Belgrade lawyer failed to redeem the whole of a small part of the real price.
May Pavlica

From the former legacy and the legacy champion Belgrade and Vienna State Opera Melanie Bugarinović, which is the artist himself once donated Novi Sad, almost nothing was left. The most valuable part of the legacy of Melanie Bugarinović is halved, and established the suspicion that the town could be left without the other - a very valuable half. Od two villas in a desirable part of the city as they had, there was only one - the Pushkin Street 15 (1.432 square meters). The villa which is located just a few hundred meters away, in Pushkin 38 (1788.50 square feet), has been sold! Also, in late 2007 after the inventory lists of champions prestigious opera, which is normally located in the vaults of the City of Novi Sad, it was found that many of the missing treasures: diamonds, medals, cases of white and yellow gold ducats, rare stamp collections, gold coins and other valuable legacy. Recent list of all the abandoned objects made ​​twenty years ago, in the meantime, the missing objects are tremendous value. If someone had one of those things taken from the heads of the Fund for the purpose of improving the vocal art of young people in Novi Sad, which was founded Bugarinović about that there would be an official note, any no. For missing values ​​so far no criminal did not respond, although in 2008 launched an investigation and filed a criminal complaint against unknown person (unknown person). Why are these treasures there, where and how missing? How is it possible to alienate (sell) the endowment?

Good intentions

Immovable property that is donated Bugarinović 1978 Novi Sad consisted of a two-family residential building on Dedinju, in Pushkin's 15 and 38 in a villa in Pushkin 15, which has about 250 square meters, the life lived Melanie and it reserved the right to as a lifetime. After her death (1986), the municipality of Novi Sad became the legal heir, but not about her, as well as "disputed house" in Puškivoj 38 ensured DIPOS (Diplomatic housing company) until 1993. Both villas have been issued in order to make money from the rent paid to the account of the Fund for the improvement of vocal art young "Melanie Bugarinović and daughter Mirjana Kalinović-Kalin," out of which educated young musical talents - pianists and singers. Though Melanie is singing for years to almost all the scenes of the world itself constantly wore a noble and humane idea, as the motive for this decision and underlined their determination difficult childhood, and even harder to education and thorny path to winning his place in the art world. Just four years after the conclusion of the gift from the municipality of Novi Sad (1982), Melanie has requested the termination and cancellation of the contract. After holding four hearings, court proceedings have been stayed Melanijin proposal and it is this, from canceling the contract. Eighteen years later, the most valuable gifts, apartment in Pushkin 38, was no longer part of the legacy of an opera diva.

"The house was sold to the baking pan fish"

Three-quarters of the house in September 2000 was sold to a lawyer Dragan Krgovic of 128,000 Deutschmarks to the Information City Public Prosecutor in Novi Sad. Krgović, which is popularly known as an advocate of Hague indictee Slobodan Milosevic, Zupljanin and Milan Gvera and Svetlana-Ceca Raznatovic, was in possession of the villas reached via several "hands". The villa was originally owned Melanijine daughter, Mirjana Kalinović and her husband Momcilo Petrovic, who died in a car accident, before the house was bequeathed. 's House after the death of the daughter inherited the mother Melanie, since the couple had no children, so he bequeathed along with the house where she lived in Pushkin 15 However, twenty years later, a Swedish citizen of Eva Mona Lisa Salgo, illegitimate daughter Melanijinog zeta, Momcilo Petrovic, who was succeeded in the Court annul the inheritance as a necessary heir and receives one-quarter of the house . Then Eva Mona Lisa Salgo before his death on April 18, 1997, a portion donated a certain Slobodan RADOMAN, who is also a contract of gift 2 October 1998, that part gave counsel Krgovic. town Novi Sad was addressing the National Property Directorate and asked consent "to obtain a quarter part of the estate of Krgović of state property", and it has obtained a positive opinion of the Ministry of Culture. However, the villa is just then hastily sold by auction at which representatives of Novi Sad were not directly invited, as well as any other interested parties for purchase.In fact, "The conclusion of the sale of real estate and oral public auction" and call for a hearing was published, according to City Attorney, only on the bulletin board at the Fourth Municipal Court in Belgrade, even though the Law on Enforcement Procedure clearly provides that all stakeholders particularly inform . Given the fact that representatives of Novi Sad were not aware of this bid, she could not even attend. The judge held a hearing in their absence, believing that they were summoned, which made ​​it impossible to auction the majority of the co-participation and acquisition and the lower part of the state property. However, a minority owner, in this case the lawyer Krgović, after the auction that never happened because no one else showed up, became the majority owner of the villa in Belgrade. Krgović is part of the house purchased by the construction of real estate, which is the only part of the market since the market should be determined by auction. On several occasions we have tried to discuss this topic with Krgovic, but certainly we could not get to him personally. The last time we talked to his brother (so we are in a telephone interview presented), who said that Dragan Krgović went on a trip abroad and that it "certainly month will be in Belgrade." When we say why we call him after we left him a message, email and phone on which to call us, Krgovićev brother told us that he will write everything we told him and that everything would literally pass Dragan, but that it certainly will not occur or will you go back to time be willing to talk to us because "avoiding the press and any contact with them." Krgović are never reported, nor are we, after persistent titles and search for him, coming to him. "one of the two villas that Melanie Bugarinović donated by the municipality of Novi Sad was sold for only a few hundred thousand marks. Otherwise, the building of the Dedinju, which has about 350 square meters and land of approximately 18 acres, unfortunately, was sold like that. I believe that this house was sold in a mysterious way - for baking pan fish, "says bitterly former mayor of Novi Sad John Dejanović (from 1974 to 1982) and one of the signatories of a gift from Melanie BugarinovićHe said that in the beginning and in the first years of operation of the fund everything was all right and under the full control of the City. Asked whether the contract he signed with Melanie could alienate property, Dejanović said that the adoption of the "so-called Seselj law Serbia "(ap Law on Assets Owned by the Republic of Serbia from 1995) all assets of cities, municipalities and the province became a republic and the law in the dispossessed. In the contract, otherwise, not stated and is not a member of that to allow or approved the sale of the property. Villa, according to his estimates, then sold for bud-why, even today, it certainly is worth much, much more.

"Failure to assess the market value of the villa"

Representatives of the city of Novi Sad believe that the "real estate sales conducted in contravention of paragraph 1 of Article 147 of the Law on Enforcement Procedure Act (which was passed on 30 June 2000 and entered into force on 8 July of that year), which provides that an enforcement order and the solution on determining the value of the property shall be enforceable before deciding on the sale. omission, according to their claims, either in estimating the market value of the villa, because the expert found a construction value of real estate stating that it is only part of the market value of the house that will be o determine at auction . Given that neither the majority owner, the city of Novi Sad, as well as potential customers were not informed because no one newspaper or the media has not given ad, a minority owner, Dragan Krgović, was obliged to pay a construction value of real estate. " Such a sale, there was no violation of the provisions of Article 5, paragraph 2 of the Law on Real Estate, which stipulates priority in exercising pre-emptive rights for the owners of the larger co-owned part, "according to the Information City Public Advocate. Although they make a request to the Republic Public Prosecutor to the Supreme Court of Serbia to apply for judicial review, the Supreme Court, although it rarely works (says City Attorney), but refused filed on February 13, 2001, immediately before the appointment of the new President of the Supreme Court of Serbia (Leposava Karamarković on February 15, elected the new president of the Supreme Court, and by then the president of the Supreme Court of the Balsa Govedarica, a senior official of the SPS and the family lawyer Slobodan Milosevic, who is at the request of the SPO was removed from office ). Republican and City Attorney were nakog, again a joint petition, addressed to the Federal Public Prosecutor in order on the Federal Court Testimonies his request for protection of legality. The Federal Public Prosecutor did, but the judgment of the Federal Court (16 September 2001), the request is rejected as unfounded. In these activities and measures the use of legal mechanisms to end the fight City Public Advocate for the return izbubljene city property - villas in Belgrade. Are not addressed by the international legal instances.

The calculation

Lessee remaining Melanijine villas in Pushkin 15 Rade Bogdanovic (ap former football player and now coach of FK Rad) from Belgrade, we learned in PE "Commercial" from Novi Sad, where in 1993 the villa date management. To tender is published on 17 March 2007 in the daily newspaper "Civil List" and "Privacy" for rent villa, only interested lessee was Bogdanovic. "Commercial" is with him concluded a five-year lease agreement for more than 2,000 euros a month (375,525 points per square meter, the value of a point to 2.35 dinars, and the house has 248.61 square meters). The contract states that the property is used exclusively as a dwelling. agreement also specifies that the tenant who regularly perform their duties even after five years has the right to extend the contract, and the contract is not extended to those customers who do not pay on time their obligations and that violate the contract items. This house, before moving Bogdanovic was very neglected and ruined by the new lessee without the consent of the lessor (the premises) and without the condition of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments own initiative went into renovating the house. Building inpekcija Municipality Novi Beograd exit to the court on November 16, 2007 in his record states that the lessee "departed from the certificate of maintenance (which he later received the" Business area ") because he destroyed the exterior staircase and ozidao staircase on the right side" . Specifically, the tenant was permitted to renovate this building space waterproofing, replacing and installing flooring, ceramic and painting works to repair the roof, but he had not been allowed to destroy and change the size and look of the house. director of "Office space" Marko Cvijan recalls that the house according to the resources owned by the Republic of Serbian state-owned, that Novi Sad has the right to use, and that a decision on this alienation of immovable property can be made ​​only by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. "We are not aware that there has been or is intended to to make such a decision, "he concluded Cvijan.

Scholarships for the best 

Each year, the three-member Commission for scholarships (Vera Kovac-Vitkai, Rita Kinka and Branislav Jatić) proposed that nine of the top srednjškolaca music schools and students of the Music Academy - Department of singing from the province are scholarships to 180,000 dinars from the Fund for the improvement of vocal Youth Art "Melanie Bugarinović and daughter Mirjana Kalinović-Kalin." The President of the Fund Marina Jasko argues that the Fund from renting the remaining Melanijine home (Puškinova 15) regularly to your account received payment of rent. "Tenant Rade Bogdanovic every month" business premises "under the contract should pay 219,394 dinars. Due to the fact that the rent paid so far to the 5th of the month, he received 20 percent discount to the Fund on account of it was transferred 175,517 dinars. The rent payment schedule is regular, which means that by the end of each calendar year, all 12 rent will always be in our account, "said Chairman of the Fund, which is the function imenov September 2008. She says that so far practiced, with the consent of a majority of Fund members (15 of them-oro), deposit the rest of the money for half a year and nine months. The money from rent and interest from the deposit they bought a piano, which is located at the Academy of Music - Department of singing in Novi Sad, and have published a book on Melanie BugarinovićWe also regularly hold grave Melanie Bugarinović who, according to her statement, was in a disastrous state, and no one cared for him. Every year, on the anniversary of her death, a delegation of the Fund and the scholarship fund visit Melanijin grave. Otherwise, the President and members of the Fund volunteer for their responsibilities and obligations do not receive any monetary compensation. Obviously menanizmi transfer or sale of bequests and endowments exist, even though the then current, nor by the recently enacted a new law on endowments, foundations and funds is not possible. Under the new law, Article 47 states that the assets of endowments may not share the founders, members of the management, employees or persons associated with them. Also, the law provides that the underlying asset endowments may not be reduced below the minimum value of the underlying asset. After more than two years from the filing of criminal charges of stealing items from the legacy of Melanie Bugarinović, nobody is a criminal suit. *** The text was produced within the CINS of the "Fund for Investigative Journalism" (Competition for funding research stories) supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Serbia


27 Jul 2011, 13:27
Okända arvingar kunde ändra status på arvet del av en av de två villor på Dedinju från operadiva Melanie Bugarinović lämnade Novi Sad för stipendier för unga musiker, missade ett Belgrad advokat för att lösa in hela en liten del av det verkliga priset.
Maj Pavlica

Från den förra arvet och arvet mästaren Belgrad och Wien-operan Melanie Bugarinović, som är konstnären själv en gång done Novi Sad, nästan ingenting kvar. Det mest värdefulla delen av arvet från Melanie Bugarinović halveras, och etablerat en misstanke om att staden skulle kunna lämnas utan den andra -. En mycket värdefull halv Od två villor i en önskvärd del av staden som de hade, det fanns bara en - den Pushkin Street 15 (1.432 kvadratmeter). Villan, som ligger bara några hundra meter bort, i Pushkin 38 (1788,50 kvadratmeter), har sålts! Dessutom, i slutet av 2007 efter inventeringslistor mästare prestigefyllda opera, som normalt ligger i valven i staden Novi Sad, visade det sig att många av de saknade skatter: diamanter, medaljer, fall av vita och gula guld dukater, sällsynta frimärkssamlingar, guldmynt och andra värdefulla arv. Nyligen lista över alla de övergivna föremål gjorda för tjugo år sedan, under tiden de saknade objekten är enormt värde. Om någon hade en av de saker som tas från cheferna för fonden i syfte att förbättra sångkonsten ungdomar i Novi Sad, som grundades Bugarinović om att det skulle finnas en officiell notering, alla nej. För saknade värden hittills ingen brottsling inte svarade, men under 2008 inlett en utredning och lämnat in en brottsanmälan mot okänd person (okänd person). Varför är dessa skatter där, var och hur som saknas? Hur är det möjligt att stöta bort (sälja) begåvningen?

Goda avsikter

Fast egendom som doneras Bugarinović 1978 Novi Sad bestod av ett två-familjshus bostadshus på Dedinju i Pusjkins 15 och 38 i en villa i Pushkin 15, som har cirka 250 kvadratmeter, levde livet Melanie och förbehöll sig rätten att som en livstid. Efter hennes död (1986), kommun Novi Sad blev den lagliga arvinge, men inte om henne, liksom "ifrågasatt hus" i Puškivoj 38 säker Dipos (Diplomat bostadsbolag) fram till 1993. Båda villorna har utfärdats i syfte att tjäna pengar på den hyra som betalas till kontot för fonden för förbättring av sångkonst unga "Melanie Bugarinović och dotter Mirjana Kalinović-Kalin," varav utbildade unga musikaliska talanger -. Pianister och sångare Även Melanie sjunger i många år nästan alla scener i världen själv ständigt bar en ädel och human idé, eftersom motivet för detta beslut och underströk sin beslutsamhet svår barndom, och ännu svårare att utbildning och taggig väg till att vinna sin plats i konstvärlden. Bara fyra år efter det att gåvan från kommunen Novi Sad (1982), har Melanie begärt uppsägning och hävning av avtalet. Efter att ha hållit fyra förhör, har domstolsförfaranden varit stannade Melanijin förslag och det är detta, från att säga upp kontraktet. Arton år senare, de mest värdefulla gåvor, lägenhet i Pushkin 38, var inte längre en del av arvet från en operadiva.

"Huset såldes till bakning pan fisk"

Tre fjärdedelar av huset i september 2000 såldes till en advokat Dragan Krgovic av 128.000 D-mark till information Ort åklagarmyndigheten i Novi Sad. Krgović, som populärt kallas en förespråkare för Hague åtalade Slobodan Milosevic, ZUPLJANIN och Milano Gvera och Svetlana-Ceca Raznatovic, var i besittning av villorna nås via flera "händer". Villan ägdes ursprungligen Melanijine dotter, Mirjana Kalinović och hennes man Momcilo Petrovic, som dog i en bilolycka, innan huset var testamenterade. 's House efter döden av dottern ärvt mamma Melanie, eftersom paret hade inga barn, så han testamenterade tillsammans med huset där hon bodde i Pushkin 15 Men tjugo år senare, svenska medborgare av Eva Mona Lisa Salgo, oäkta dotter Melanijinog zeta, Momcilo Petrovic, som lyckades i domstolen ogiltigförklara arvet som en nödvändig arvtagare och tar emot en fjärdedel av huset . Då Eva Mona Lisa Salgo före sin död den 18 april 1997 en del donerade en viss Slobodan Radoman, som också är ett avtal om gåva 2 oktober 1998, att en del gav råd Krgovic. staden Novi Sad var att ta itu med Statens fastighets direktoratet och bad samtycke "för att få en fjärdedel del av godset av Krgović av statlig egendom", och den har fått ett positivt yttrande från kulturministeriet.Dock är villan strax därefter hastigt säljs på auktion där företrädare för Novi Sad inte var direkt inbjudna, liksom alla andra berörda parter för inköp. Faktum är att "Slutsatsen av försäljning av fastigheter och muntlig offentlig auktion" och kräver en utfrågning publicerades, enligt stadsadvokaten, endast på anslagstavlan vid den fjärde stadsdomstolen i Belgrad, trots att lagen om verkställighet ordningen föreskrivs tydligt att alla intressenter särskilt informera . Med tanke på att representanter för Novi Sad var inte medveten om detta bud, hon kunde inte ens närvara. Domaren höll en utfrågning i deras frånvaro, i tron att de kallades, vilket gjorde det omöjligt att auktionera majoriteten av co-deltagande och förvärv och den nedre delen av statlig egendom. Men en minoritetsägare, i detta fall advokaten Krgović, efter auktionen som aldrig hänt eftersom ingen annan dök upp, blev majoritetsägare i villa i Belgrad. Krgović är en del av huset köpts av uppförande av fastighet, som är den enda del av marknaden eftersom marknaden bör bestämmas genom auktion. Vid flera tillfällen har vi försökt att diskutera detta ämne med Krgovic, men absolut vi inte kunde få honom personligen. Förra gången vi pratade med hans bror (så vi är i en telefonintervju presenterade), som sade att Dragan Krgović åkte på en resa utomlands och att det "absolut månad kommer att vara i Belgrad." När vi säger att vi kallar honom efter att vi lämnat honom ett meddelande, e-post och telefon för att ringa oss, berättade Krgovićev bror att han kommer att skriva allt vi sa till honom och att allt skulle bokstavligen gå Dragan, men att det säkerligen inte kommer att inträffa eller kommer du gå tillbaka till tiden vara villig att prata med oss eftersom "undvika pressen och någon kontakt med dem." Krgović rapporteras aldrig, inte heller är vi, efter ihärdiga titlar och leta efter honom, kommer till honom. "en av de två villor som Melanie Bugarinović donerats av kommunen Novi Sad såldes för bara några hundra tusen mark. Annars byggandet av Dedinju, som har cirka 350 kvadratmeter och mark på cirka 18 hektar, tyvärr såldes så. Jag tror att det här huset såldes på ett mystiskt sätt - för bakning pan fisk ", säger bittert före detta borgmästare i Novi Sad John Dejanovic (1974-1982) och en av undertecknarna av en gåva från Melanie BugarinovićHan sade att i början och under de första åren av driften av fond allt var okej och under full kontroll över staden. På frågan om det avtal som han undertecknade med Melanie kunde stöta bort egendom, sade Dejanovic att antagandet av den "så kallade Seselj lag Serbien "(ap lag om tillgångar som ägs av Republiken Serbien från 1995) samtliga tillgångar i städer, kommuner och provinsen blev en republik och lagen i de egendomslösa. I kontraktet, annars inte sägs och inte är medlem i den för att tillåta eller godkänna försäljningen av fastigheten. Villa, enligt hans beräkningar, sålde sedan för knopp-varför, även i dag, är det verkligen värt mycket, mycket mer.

"Underlåtenhet att bedöma marknadsvärdet på villan"

Företrädare för staden Novi Sad tror att "fastighetsförsäljningar genomfördes i strid mot punkt 1 i artikel 147 i lagen om verkställighet processlagen (som antogs den 30 juni 2000 och trädde i kraft den 8 juli samma år), där det föreskrivs att en exekutionstitel och lösningen om fastställande av värdet på fastigheten skall vara verkställ innan man beslutar om försäljning. underlåtenhet, enligt deras krav, vare sig att uppskatta marknadsvärdet på villan, eftersom experten hittade en konstruktion värdet på fastigheter som anger att det är bara en del av marknadsvärdet på huset som kommer att vara o bestämma på auktion . Med tanke på att varken huvudägare i, staden Novi Sad, samt potentiella kunder inte informerades att ingen tidning eller media inte gett ad, minoritetsägare, Dragan Krgović, var skyldig att betala en bygg värdet på fastigheter. " En sådan försäljning, fanns det ingen kränkning av bestämmelserna i artikel 5, punkt 2 i lagen om Fastigheter, som föreskriver prioritet att utöva företrädesrätt för ägarna till större samägda delen, "enligt informations City Public Advocate. Även om de gör en begäran till Republiken åklagaren till Högsta domstolen i Serbien att ansöka om rättslig prövning, Högsta domstolen, även om det sällan fungerar (säger stadsadvokaten), men vägrade inlämnad den 13 februari 2001, omedelbart före utnämningen av den nya ordföranden i högsta Court of Serbia (Leposava Karamarković den 15 februari valdes den nya ordföranden i Högsta domstolen, och då ordföranden i Högsta domstolen i Balsa Govedarica, en hög tjänsteman i SPS och familjens advokat Slobodan Milosevic, som på begäran av SPO togs bort från kontoret ). Republican och stadsadvokaten var nakog, återigen ett gemensamt upprop, riktat till Förbunds åklagarmyndigheten för de federala domstolen Vittnesbörd hans begäran om skydd av laglighet. Den federala åklagaren gjorde, men domen från federala domstolen (16 september 2001), är ansökan ogillas. I dessa aktiviteter och mäter användningen av rättsliga mekanismer för att avsluta kampen City Public Advocate för retur izbubljene stadens egendom - villor i Belgrad. Är inte behandlas av de internationella rättsliga instanser.


Hyrestagaren återstående Melanijine villor i Pushkin 15 Rade Bogdanovic (ap före detta fotbollsspelare och nu tränare för FK Rad) från Belgrad, vi lärde oss i PE "Commercial" från Novi Sad, där 1993 villan dagen hantering. För att lämna anbud publiceras den 17 mars 2007 i dagstidningen "Civil List" och "Sekretess" uthyres villa, bara intresserad hyrestagare var Bogdanovic. "Kommersiell" är med honom ingått ett hyresavtal på fem år för mer än 2.000 euro i månaden (375.525 punkter per kvadratmeter, har värdet av en punkt till 2,35 dinarer, och huset 248,61 kvadratmeter). Avtalet anger att egendomen uteslutande används som bostad. avtalet anges också att hyresgästen som regelbundet utföra sina arbetsuppgifter även efter fem år har rätt att förlänga avtalet, och kontraktet förlängs inte till de kunder som inte betalar sina förpliktelser i tid och att bryter mot kontrakts objekt. Detta hus, innan du flyttar Bogdanovic var mycket eftersatt och förstört av den nya arrendatorn utan samtycke av hyresvärden (lokalen) och utan villkor för Institutet för skydd av kulturminnes eget initiativ gick in renovera huset. Bygga inpekcija kommun Novi Beograd utgång till domstolen den 16 november 2007 i hans rekord uppger att leasetagaren "avvikit från intyget om underhåll (som han senare fick" Business area ") för att han förstörde den yttre trappa och ozidao trappa på höger sida" . Specifikt hyresgästen rätt att renovera denna byggnad rymden tätskikt, byte och montering golv, keramik och måleri arbetar för att reparera taket, men han hade inte tillåtits att förstöra och ändra storlek och utseendet på huset. regissören av "Office space" Marko Cvijan påminner om att huset enligt de resurser som ägs av Republiken serbiska statsägda, som Novi Sad har rätt att använda, och att ett beslut om denna överlåtelse av fast egendom endast kan fattas av regeringen i Republiken Serbien. "Vi är inte medvetna om att det har skett eller är avsedd att för att göra ett sådant beslut, "avslutade han Cvijan.

Stipendier för bästa

Varje år tre ledamöter kommissionen för stipendier (Vera Kovac-Vitkai, Rita Kinka och Branislav Jatić) föreslagit att nio av de bästa srednjškolaca musikskolor och elever från Musikhögskolan - Institutionen för sång från provinsen är stipendier till 180.000 dinarer från fonden för förbättring av sång Youth Art "Melanie Bugarinović och dotter Mirjana Kalinović-Kalin." Ordföranden för fonden Marina Jasko hävdar att fonden från att hyra resterande Melanijine hemmet (Puškinova 15) regelbundet för att ditt konto erhållit betalning av hyra. "Tenant Rade Bogdanovic varje månad" affärslokaler "enligt kontraktet ska betala 219.394 dinarer. På grund av det faktum att den hyra som betalas så långt för att den 5: e månaden, fick han 20 procent rabatt till fonden på grund av den överfördes 175.517 dinarer. Hyran betalningsplan är vanligt, vilket innebär att i slutet av varje kalenderår, kommer alla 12 hyran alltid i vårt konto, "säger ordförande i fonden, vilket är funktionen imenov september 2008. Hon säger att hittills praktiseras, med samtycke av majoriteten av fondens medlemmar (15 av dem-oro), deponera resten av pengarna i ett halvt år och nio månader. Pengarna från hyra och ränta från depositionen de köpte ett piano, som ligger vid Musikhögskolan - Institutionen för sång i Novi Sad, och har publicerat en bok om Melanie Bugarinović. Vi också regelbundet hålla grav Melanie Bugarinović som enligt hennes uttalande, var i ett katastrofalt tillstånd, och ingen brydde sig om honom. Varje år, på årsdagen av hennes död, en delegation av fonden och stipendiefond besök Melanijin grav. Annars gör presidenten och medlemmar i fonden volontär för deras ansvar och skyldigheter som inte får någon ekonomisk ersättning. Uppenbarligen menanizmi överföring eller försäljning av testamenten och donationer finns, även om den då aktuella, och inte heller av den nyligen antagit en ny lag om donationer, stiftelser och medel är inte möjligt. Enligt den nya lagen, säger artikel 47 att tillgångarna i donationer inte kan dela grundarna, personer i ledningsgruppen, anställda eller personer som är associerade med dem. Dessutom föreskriver lagen att de underliggande tillgångs donationer inte får minskas under minimivärdet för den underliggande tillgången. Efter mer än två år från inlämnandet av åtal för att ha stulit varor från arvet från Melanie Bugarinović är ingen en kriminell kostym. *** Texten har producerats inom CINS av "fond för undersökande journalistik" (Konkurrensen om finansiering forsknings berättelser) stöd av den nederländska ambassaden i Serbien

Trip Report in search of the identity of Momcilo Petrovitz and the Serbian roots

Did a trip to Serbia to learn a more of my mothers absent biological father Momcilo Petrovitz

Lesson learned:
  1. Momcilo Petrovitz didnt care about my mother
  2. Momcilo Petrovitz seems to have been insane rich - how? was he criminal? Bribery?
  3. Momcilo Petrovitz married an opera singer Mirjana Kalinović. He married an operasinger 23 years younger than himself and he was older than her mother
    daughter Mirjana Kalinović born 1925 dead 1974 married to Momcilo 1953 aug
    mother Melanija Bugarinovic born 1905 dead 09 sep 1986
  4. The mother of the opera singer was a famous operasinger and the story I have heard that she travelled to Sweden to destroy my mothers birth certificate seems to be true.
  5. People still living and related to Momcilo still dont tell me the truth and they 
    1. try to stop me from meeting my mothers cousin Vladan Radoman 
    2. try to hide everything like the death date of Momcilo Petrovitz
    3. dont show me anýthung related to Momcilo Petrovitz

      Looks like the reason is some more or less criminal acts that is related to the money that was left by Momcilo Petrovitz
      see article Legat velike umetnice pokraden translated to Swedish/English

Wikitree profiles (in progress)

  1. Vladan Radoman
  2. Momcilo Petrovitz
    1. Birth records found in Požarevač see video
    2. Grave found in Belgrade see wikitree
    3. House on Puskinova 15 and 38 found
      Puskinova 15 size 1.432 kvadratmeter
      Puskinova 38 size 1788,50 kvadratmeter
    4. In the City museum in Novi Sad is part of the belongings of Momcilo and Mirjana  see http://www.museumns.rs/en/node/18
    5. Article about what happened to inherit after Momcilo


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Chapter 2 Mastering Genealogical Proof

Read the chapter 2 and use Carl-Åke Lundbergs father as the case ancestors Anders Lundberg descendants (21 Sep 1764 - 15 May 1834)

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

Research Questions

Focused Questions
A) When was he born?
B) Where was he born?
C) What is the name of the mother and father?
D) With his first wife did he have any other children than Anna Maja
E) When did he became a soldier?
F) Where did he live before 1810 when he moved into Tränkatorpet

I) Relationship questions
C) What is the name of the mother and father?
D) With his first wife did he have any other children than Anna Maja

II) Identity

III) Activity


The sources we have or are missing this is based on what you normally can find about a person in Sweden ==> Birth book and Household records, then Moved in / moved out and some note in the Marriage records ==> Death records and hopefully a Inventory where you see all the children and what he owned when he died

A) Birth book 

Is the book the priest writes down 
  1. who was born
  2. when he/she was born
  3. parents
  4. if someone else was at the birth (can indicate some relation to the parents)
Missing status see http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#_note-0 or Research Notes http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#Research_Notes 

we believe he was born in  21 Sep 1764 the south of Sweden Skåne somewhere. SOurces that claims this
  1. In the military book it says Skåning in http://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/1/1a/Lundberg-164.png (below his name in column nr 6 below his name
  2. In household record 
    Stora Åby AI:5 (1826-1835) Image 172 / page 327 (AID: v29230.b172.s327, NAD: SE/VALA/00351)
    http://www.arkivdigital.se/aid/show/v29230.b172.s327 (see pic)
    we have Skåne 1864 or 1869 and birth place could be Westerstad (today spelled Västerstad)

B) Household records

Is the book where the priest normally once a year writes and you can see 
  1. who is living in the house and the relation
  2. if people has moved out they are overstrike and then you can have a note in a moved out book and in another parish moved in book
  3. if a person has died -> you also will see a note and the cause in the death book
  4. skills in reading, understand the bible
  5. where the person where born and what year
  6. if they are married - there will also be a note in the married book
  7. occupation
  8. when they moved into the place and from where - this can be an indication to a record in the moved in book and the moved out book of the parish they left

Missing records between 1764-1800
  1. 1800 we should look in Heda parish
  2. 1764 we should look in the south of Sweden called Skåne see wikitree http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#_note-0

This record is a little bit difficult to understand but it says moved in 1800 from Heda

In Column 6 it says 1790 which is when they married ==> indication it was in Heda
We have moved in Heda 1800
Anna Maja has a comment which could be Reads ??? fast she also has aa i column 9 that is 
Tells when a person moved into the parish and from where. Normally when you moved from one parish to another you should have a document from the Parish you moved out from

In Arkiv Digital 
  • we have no Moved in/out records before 1881 for Stora Åby parish
  • we have in Heda the first Moved in/out 1822

D) Banns and Marriage records

Household record Stora Åby AI:2 indicates Anders Lundberg and Maja Pehrsdotter married 1790 ==> could be in Heda ==> we check the marriage records for Heda

  • in Heda we have from 1667 ==> 1790 is page 243-277 in the book Heda C:2 (1700-1799) Image 3 (AID: v37649.b3, NAD: SE/VALA/00128)

    We have 1790 on page 263 and finds Anders Lundberg and also his first wife Maja Perhrsd(otter eng. Pers daughter) living on Valby ägor (could be that they lived on some mark that was owned by a house called Valby. Valby as the place they lived in is also indicated in the birth record of Anna Maja Lundberg see pic

    Maybe a negative evidence that Andes Lundberg didn't have the title of Livgrenadjär ==> indicates that he is not a soldier whick is inline with the military records that said in 1803 he has been on duty 11 years ==>  Military 1791/92 when he still lived in Heda

Arkiv Digital Mariagge record  http://www.arkivdigital.net
Picture of original Heda C:2 (1700-1799) Image 136 / page 263 (AID: v37649.b136.s263, NAD: SE/VALA/00128)
The church we can believe they married in is Heda church see wiki
Inside Heda kyrka

  • Heda Kyrka could be the place were Anders Lundstedt and Maja married 6 nov 1790
Carin Sköld the second wife we have Marriage date from the household books is May 2, 1830 ==> check in Stora Åby Paris and book Stora Åby C:3 (1818-1852) Image 253 / page 497 (AID: v40779.b253.s497, NAD: SE/VALA/00351)

Conclusion of the marriage record
2 May we have Marriage number 4 this year
Between Anders Lundberg and Carin Sköld
He 65 years old She 39 years old
He is afsk(dismissed ==> he had have his 30 years in duty) Livgrenadjär (eng. type of soldier)
Enkling ==> his first wife died
Uppvisat Bouppteckning och testamente ==> He has presentet the Estate and Inventory after Maja Pehrsdotter and the will
in front of tinget ==> the court d. 25 nov 1829
Båda från Jernstads ägor ==> Both from Jernstads egor
Lyst d 28/3 ( date when announced in the church that they will marry)

Stora Åby Jernstad could indicate the church they married in is Stora Åby church see wiki

E) Military records

We have found military records when he lives in Stora Åby

As we have an indication that he 1803 has been military for 11 years ==> 1791/1792 we miss records from the time he lived in Heda and was a military see  http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lundberg-164#_note-8

F) Estate and Inventory
See explaination link. We have from the death of Anders Lundberg the first wife

Maja Pährsdotter
Lysings häradsrätt FII:30 (1828-1829) Image 410 / page 813 (AID: v77080.b410.s813, NAD: SE/VALA/01556)

Anders Lundberg
In 20 may 1834 an Estate inventory was done see Arkiv Digital] photos of  Lysings häradsrätt FII:32 (1833-1834) Image 383 / page 701 (AID: v77082.b383.s701, NAD: SE/VALA/01556)

Carin Sköld

G) Video of a Inventoryhttp://www.hasserydbergsalster.se/hasses%20filmer/Stora%20Aby%20Torpinventering%20film/Jarnstad.wmv a Inventory of torp (torp means a small dwelling, such as a cottage, with a small leased farm area cultivated by its inhabitants, similar to a croft.) They visited Tränkatorpet and the house was moved to Storgatan 45 in Ödeshög Google map

Below a youtube viedoe just replaying the video above

fredag 12 september 2014

Mastering genealogy Proof

First week, first chapter, first discussion questions. . .

Actually, the first thought question relates to the preface--please answer, for yourself only, the questions in the first paragraph of the preface.  Hold onto these answers so you can compare your responses when we reach the end of the study.

Question: We strive to reconstruct relationships and lives of people we cannot see, but if we cannot see them, how do we know we have potrayed them accurately

Answer Magnus: We cannot but we can do as good as we can.buy having a methodology and also make our analysis transparent which means that someone else can follow how we thought and also go back to the sources we have used to see if the agree.

Question: Is determining ancestry that predates living people's memory just guess work?

Answer Magnus: No it is a combination of
a) what we know about the time people lived in 

b) the knowledge we have of the sources we use
c) the knowledge we what claims this source can be used for and what accuracy it has
d) last but not least an analyse of the claims we get from the different sources is the key to add an specific fact to ancestry

E.g. when a priest in Sweden writes lungsot in the death certificate then we should try to get so much information as possible about what tools/knowledge this person had when he/she was living. In Sweden we had in the 1700 31 possible death causes (if I remember correct) and the priest didn't have any particular medical knowledge plus you had theories about different liquids?!?!?

We can never be sure what we read and what we assume but we can with more facts and better understanding get a much better pictures. Plus if we document what we have found and how we understand what we have found this is a key to other genealogist who will use are material which means that they can follow how we thought and also go back to the sources we have used to see if the agree.

Question: Or do we blindly trust every source we examine and ignore inconsistencies

Answer Magnus: 
No see answer on the question before

Question: Should we perhaps do the opposite - mistrust sources to the point that our conslusion are most tentative?

Answer Magnus: Maybe....

Question: Can we not determine reliable which genealogical findings reflect the past?

Answer Magnus: Never be sure but buy doing the homework we will learn more and get a better understanding of our ancestries and also get a better understanding of the history, how life was.....

Question: If we can make that determination, how can we demonstrate credibility to family members and other researches?

Answer Magnus: Make it easier for the next generation what sources we had and make it possible for them to find the sources we have used and also document what we think a surce is claiming or where we have problems to trust a source.
Chapter 1 discussion questions:

How does the definition of genealogy in this chapter differ from or mesh with your own definition?
What questions occur to you as you read this chapter?

Answer Magnus: I am a beginner and I am still getting surprised of all the different fields I run into doing genealogy which makes fun for me. If I can find out more about my family tree then that is a bonus.

Please feel free to respond to each other's comments and questions--the livelier the discussions the more we all will learn!

Chapter 2

I'll post several questions for this chapter.  Please feel free to choose only one for your discussion or to answer/discuss as many as you wish.  My questions are intended to be a springboard for your discussion--and oftentimes, your questions will lead to even better discussion, so feel free to ask them!

Are there any "new" concepts in this chapter you would like to discuss (for me, a major new idea was that the calculation of a birth date from an age on a tombstone provides direct evidence--that calculation does not make evidence indirect as I had previously thought)?

A) Can you give an example of a published work with an author listed that would not be an authored work and explain why it would not be an authored work?

B) Why are land and probate records less likely to contain error than such records as censuses?

C) Can you give an example of a research question changed from too broad to focused or from too narrow to appropriately focused?  This may be from your own research, if you desire, but may be made up to show you understand the concept of too broad, too narrow, appropriately focused.

D) What other questions do you have or concepts would you like to discuss?

I participate in a study group on the book Mastering Genealogical Proofs (Kindle) see Gen Proof Study Groups HomeGen Proof Study Group 36

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Ancestors that came from Sweden

Screen captures below from Arkiv Digital http://www.arkivdigital.net

What we know

Carl Oker Lundberg b 24 Apr 1832, 

His wife Maria Sophia (don't know her maiden name) b 30 Nov 1832.  I do believe that she was born in Stockholm.  

Their 3 oldest children were born there also: Charles F abt 1861, Hilda Helgina 30 Nov 1861 and Severin F abt 1866.  

I believe that  Maria arrived in the US in 1870.  

By the 1880 census, Carl was dead and Maria and the children were living in McPherson, Kansas. 

Comments Magnus

Carl Oker Lundberg b 24 Apr 1832, ==> Looks like Carl Oskar Lundberg or Carl Åke Lundberg

Emmigration to USA from Gotherborg 15 oct 1869

A) Göteborg, Sverige, passagerarlistor, 1869 - 1951
15 oct 1869
link to record in Ancestry.com I did a search on the name Severin as I feel that a name as common as Carl or Åke ==>

I found in the passenger list the mother moving to the States with the children

Ship : Albion
Source Information
Ancestry.com. Gothenburg, Sweden, Passenger Lists, 1869-1951 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: Göteborgs Poliskammare, EIX 1-143, 1869–1950. Landsarkivet i Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden.

Kontraktets Nr (eng. Contract nr)
Column2: Utvandrarens Yrke namn (eng. Emmigrant Job name)
Column3: Födelseort till län och socken (eng birthplace parish)
Column4: Ålder (eng. age)
Column5: Man , Qvinna(women), Summa(Total)
Column6: Bestämmelseort (Destination)

178 Maria Lundberg Fru(Wife), Stockholm, 36, , 1,, New York
Son Fredrik, 9, 1,,,New York
Dotter(eng. daughter) Hilda , 7,,1,,New York
Dotter(eng. daughter) Alma, 6,,1,,New York
Son Severin, 4,,1,5,New York

Name:Maria Lundberg
Departure Date:15 okt 1869 (15 Oct 1869)
Departure Place:Göteborg (Gothenburg), Göteborg och Bohus, Sverige
Ship Name:Albion
Birth Date:abt 1833
Birth Place:Stockholm
Destination:Hull, England

Name:Fredrik Lundberg
Departure Date:15 okt 1869 (15 Oct 1869)
Departure Place:Göteborg (Gothenburg), Göteborg och Bohus, Sverige
Ship Name:Albion
Birth Date:abt 1860
Birth Place:Stockholm
Destination:Hull, England

Name:Hilda Lundberg
Departure Date:15 okt 1869 (15 Oct 1869)
Departure Place:Göteborg (Gothenburg), Göteborg och Bohus, Sverige
Ship Name:Albion
Birth Date:abt 1862
Birth Place:Stockholm
Destination:Hull, England

Name:Alma Lundberg
Departure Date:15 okt 1869 (15 Oct 1869)
Departure Place:Göteborg (Gothenburg), Göteborg och Bohus, Sverige
Ship Name:Albion
Birth Date:abt 1863
Birth Place:Stockholm
Destination:Hull, England

Name:Severin Lundberg
Departure Date:15 okt 1869 (15 Oct 1869)
Departure Place:Göteborg (Gothenburg), Göteborg och Bohus, Sverige
Ship Name:Albion
Birth Date:abt 1865
Birth Place:Stockholm
Destination:Hull, England

The above information in Acestry.com says as a source
Original data: Göteborgs Poliskammare, EIX 1-143, 1869–1950. Landsarkivet i Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden.

That is the police register in Gotheborg that is also available in from Arkiv Digital (not indexed but better pictures they have more than 45 000 000 images of Swedish church books etc.... see about... you subscribe see link 1000 Skr = 120 dollar/per year or 10 dollar for a week... coverage pdf ... user guide in pdf)

Göteborgs poliskammare (-1900) EIX:2 (1869-1869) Image 1830 / page 359 (AID: v479726.b1830.s359, NAD: SE/GLA/12703)

explanation of reference
Göteborgs poliskammare (-1900) EIX:2  = Book name

(1869-1869)  = year

Image 1830 = image in the product

page 359 = page in the original book

AID: v479726.b1830.s359 unique reference in the Arkive Digital product

NAD: SE/GLA/12703 = a reference used in the national archive see http://www.arkivdigital.se/aid/info/v479726.b1830.s359

The index in Riksarkivet (the Swedish National Archive)

If you click on Förteckning you will see all the reference codes available for different types of document on E IX you have

Inkoma uppgifter om utvandrande personer
(eng. Incomming information about emigrating people)
They also explains that there are images available

The references in the Arkiv Digital product

http://www.arkivdigital.se/aid/info/v479726.b1830.s359 ==> is about
http://www.arkivdigital.se/aid/show/v479726.b1830.s359 ==> if you have the product Arkiv Digital installed you will jump directly to the correct page

The page 359 image 1830 AID v479726.b1830.s359 

The whole page 359 image 1830 where you see 359 in the top right corner

A video I did in Swedish how to find a contract if you have the contract number

A page in Swedish how to find the contract when you have the number see link

Ship Albion 

What we have learned 

  1. They left Sweden from Gothebourg
  2. Departure date 15 oct 1869
  3. Had a contract number 178
  4. Destination was Hull with the ship Albion
  5. End destination is New York

About emigration from Sweden

Göteborg was the normal place to leave Sweden

"There were feeder trips from many ports in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. An estimated 15% of the Swedish emigrants, mainly from the southern provinces, had Gothenburg as the main departure harbor. Some of the well-known feeder ships were: Hero (1866 it carried 550 pass.), Argo, Oder, Albion, Orlando and Rollo (1869/70-, 800-900 pass.), Romeo (1881-), Ariosto (1890-), Calypso (1904-), Eskimo (1910-), and Cameo."

Distribution of Swedish Americans in 2000 by county, wikipedia 

Article The Swedish Immigrant and Life in Kansas by Emory Lindquist


Article Gothenburg Sweden, Immigration Passenger Lists, 1869-1951

What we think we have learned

That the father didn't travel with the rest of the family - we can see total 5 people on the row for the son Severin
Son Severin, 4,,1,5,New York
where 5 is total people travelling together ==>

  1. Maria Lundberg Wife from Stockholm age 36 women destination New York
  2. Son Fredrik age 9 man destination New York
  3. Daughter Hilda age 7 women destination New York
  4. Daughter Alma age 6 women destination New York
  5. Son Severin age 4 man Total travelling together 5, destination New York

Testing with the tool Emibas 

Database register includes emigrants from about 2.300 parish. The earliest emigrants emigrated in the 1780s and the last in the 1990s. Contains about 1.1 million names

Search on Lundberg and Carl Åke ==>

Post  15997
Lundberg, Carl Åke
Järnarbetare (gift man) (iron worker married man)

f. 24/7 1832 i Stora Åby, Östergötlands län (Östergötland)
(Born 24 jul 1832 in Stora Åby in Östergötlands county)

Utvandrad 7/10 1869
(Emmigrated 7/10 1869)från Kvarngatan 30, Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
till Amerika
(they lived on Kvarngatan 30 Before leaving Google map/Google Street view)

Se även infl. Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14
(English see also moved in Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14)

Källa: SVAR; Flyttningslängd, vol. Hedvig Eleonora BIIA:12 5/8
Emibas emigrationsakt: Hedvig Eleonora A 1869 093

Post 15998
Nyholm, Maria Sofia Järnarbetarhustru (gift kvinna)(eng married women)
f. 1/10 1833 i Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
(Born in Hedvig Eleonora that is a part of Stockholm)

Utvandrad 7/10 1869
från Kvarngatan 30, Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
till Amerika

Se även infl. Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14
Källa: SVAR; Flyttningslängd, vol. Hedvig Eleonora BIIA:12 5/8
Emibas emigrationsakt: Hedvig Eleonora A 1869 094
Onormerade namnformer:
Födelselän: Stockholms län

Post 15999
Carl Fredrik
Järnarbetareson (ogift man) (eng son of a ironworker)

f. 1/7 1861 i Katarina, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
Utvandrad 7/10 1869
från Kvarngatan 30, Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
till Amerika

Se även infl. Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14
Källa: SVAR; Flyttningslängd, vol. Hedvig Eleonora BIIA:12 5/8
Emibas emigrationsakt: Hedvig Eleonora A 1869 095
Onormerade namnformer:
Födelselän: Stockholms län

Post 16000
Hulda Helgina
Järnarbetardotter (ogift kvinna)

f. 1/11 1862 i Katarina, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
Utvandrad 7/10 1869
från Kvarngatan 30, Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
till Amerika

Se även infl. Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14
Källa: SVAR; Flyttningslängd, vol. Hedvig Eleonora BIIA:12 5/8
Emibas emigrationsakt: Hedvig Eleonora A 1869 096
Onormerade namnformer:
Födelselän: Stockholms län

Post 16001
Alma Maria
Järnarbetardotter (ogift kvinna)

f. 19/4 1864 i Maria Magdalena, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
Utvandrad 7/10 1869
från Kvarngatan 30, Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
till Amerika

Se även infl. Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14
Källa: SVAR; Flyttningslängd, vol. Hedvig Eleonora BIIA:12 5/8
Emibas emigrationsakt: Hedvig Eleonora A 1869 097
Onormerade namnformer:
Födelselän: Stockholms län

Post 16002
Axel Severin
Järnarbetareson (ogift man)

f. 23/3 1866 i Katarina, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
Utvandrad 7/10 1869
från Kvarngatan 30, Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)
till Amerika

Se även infl. Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14
Källa: SVAR; Flyttningslängd, vol. Hedvig Eleonora BIIA:12 5/8
Emibas emigrationsakt: Hedvig Eleonora A 1869 098
Onormerade namnformer:
Födelselän: Stockholms län

Checking Hedvig Eleonora BIA:16 1/4 s.14

==> that is the Moved in book for a part of Stockholm called Hedvig Eleonora

Hedvig Eleonora BIa:16 (1868-1868) Image 180 / page 14 (AID: v85476.b180.s14, NAD: SE/SSA/0006)

742 7/10 Lundberg, Carl Åke Jernarbetare St(ora) Åby , 32, juli 24
Maria Sofia Nyholm, Hedvig Elionora, 33 Okt 1
Barn(eng. children)
H??(ulda) Helgina , Catharina, 62, Nov, 1, 6/11
Axel Severin, Catharina, 66, Mars, 23 , 5/4
Carl Fredrik, Catharina, 61, Juli, 1, 5/7
Alma Maria, Catharina, 64, Apr, 19, 26/4
John Frithiof, Maria, 68, Apr, 26, 11/9

Checking Birth place Carl Åke Lundberg in Stora Åby, Östergötland county 24 Apr 1832

Using Arkiv Digital and the book
Stora Åby C:3 (1818-1852) Image 132 / page 257 (AID: v40779.b132.s257, NAD: SE/VALA/00351)

Stora Åby is the parish
C:3 is the number of the book
(1818-1852) Is the year

Image 132 image in the product
page 257 page in the book
AID: v40779.b132.s257 unique id in the Arkiv Digital Product you can se b132 that is image 132 and s257 is page 257
NAD: SE/VALA/00351is the national catalogue reference

I first checked the Birth date in Emibas with no success but when checking 24 Apr 1832 we have


Carl Åke fr. Järnstad ägor 24,24, Torp Anders Lundberg H(ans hustru) Carin Sköld

We have another indication on birth date 24 Apr 1832 in the birthbook which normally is the one you use as it is "near" the source
Father Anders Lundberg who is a torpare (English I think  tenant farmer see wikipedia)
Mother Carin Sköld

Carl Åke was born in Stora Åby Parish in the county Östergötland

Stora Åby http://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Stora_%C3%85by_parish,_Sweden

Google Map Järnstad

Next step

  1. Start checking the household book for Stora Åby
    1. We think we know that they lived in Järnstad ägor that is the land of Järnstad and I think mean that you didn't live in the big house maybe something that belonged to a bigger house in Järnstad

      1. We know they had a son of Car Åke born 1832 ==> look for 32 in the column Född år (eng Born year) is normally the easiest when you have old handwriting
      2. Maybe surname Lundberg on the father can be easy to find

        Sample page in the Stora Åby book
    2. Household records to check are the one at the time when Carl Åke was born ==> year 1832 ==> http://sok.riksarkivet.se/?postid=Arkis+74a01eea-9e79-11d4-bbc2-00d0b73e7a8b&s=TARKIS08_Balder
      1. Stora Åby AI:5 (1826-1835)
        Its available on 
        1. SVAR http://sok.riksarkivet.se/bildvisning/C0018302 - need subscription
        2. Archive Digital Stora Åby AI:5 (1826-1835) Image 5 (AID: v29230.b5, NAD: SE/VALA/00351) - need subscription
          1. Good thing is that the Archive Digital version has a index of houses (swedish ortregister Stora Åby AI:5 (1826-1835) Image 4 (AID: v29230.b4, NAD: SE/VALA/00351))
          2. The bad thing is that we don't see Järnstad egor we just see Järnstad at more places

            Page 288, 294, 296, 306, 308, 316, 322, 328, 332, 334, 728, 730, 742
          3. We also has an index in Archive Digital on people with a title (swedish Yrkesutövare Stora Åby AI:5 (1826-1835) Image 8 (AID: v29230.b8, NAD: SE/VALA/00351) but a torpare is not in the register ;-(

The name Lundberg

Lundberg is a rather common surname but not as common as all son of names patronymic (wiki) we have in Sweden for normal people.

Lund = copse
Berg = mountain

Checking Järnstad and where they lived

I have found a inventory of houses/soldiers houses (swedish torp) in Järnstad and our dear Anders Lundgren is mentioned to have lived in what today is called Tränkatorpet

Document in PDF

The house 5 time 5 meter
Stuga = eng house
Obest grund = eng indeterminate house foundation
Ladugård = eng Barn
Syren = emg Syren
Krusbär = eng Gooseberries
Snöboll =  Think Guelder rose in english

Picture of the place today (it is teared down)

Checking the Houshold book for Stora Åby

After some checking on pages related to Järnstad it looks like we have something on
Stora Åby AI:5 (1826-1835) Image 172 / page 327 (AID: v29230.b172.s327, NAD: SE/VALA/00351)

Title on page is Järnstad Söder ?? ägor
Lower left of image 172 page 327
we have Carl Åke 32 24/4
we have a sister Anna Lotta?!?! 1830 24/12
below its says inh. Petter Persson that is someone living with the family (could be a father but the age born 1898 looks like someone else)
Mother H(hans hustru eng. his wife) Carin Sköld, Åby(she is born in Stora Åby), 1890 13/10, Think its says Haftäng 24 ==> she moved to Järnstad 1824 from Haftäng, 426 (could be a moved in number)
a,a,ab is marks on reading
Above her we have overstriked h (his wife) Maja Persd(otter which is a patronymic  Pers daughter
It says Heda or Skeda on Birthplace 1855 26/10 on the right page it says +29 24/9 she died 1829 sep 24 we also have on the right page indications that she didn't visit the household in 1829 as she was sick (swedish sjuk)
Row above we have +Anders Lundberg Skåne 69 (could be 1869), H?!?!? 00 (moved in 1800)
He has a on reading, a on understanding bible, b on explaining what he has said
On the right page we have a column remarks that I have problems reading
After that we have + 34 14/5 which is an indication he died 1834 may 14

Lower right page 327

Comment about Anders Lundberg and that he died in 1834 14/5
Next step check in the dead and Burial records for Anders Lundberg ==> 1834 14/5 (remark when Carl Åke was 2 years old, father was 69 years old, mother is 44 years old) ==>
Stora Åby C:5 (1853-1854) Image 100 / page 195 (AID: v40781.b100.s195, NAD: SE/VALA/00351)

Maj månad (eng May month)
Anders Lundberg fr. (eng from) Jernstad
Torpare fr. (eng from) Westerstad i Skåne(part of Sweden that belonged to Denmark wiki, wiki in Swedish about Vestarstad Mainson, Google map where Västerstad säteri is  )
1764 21/9 (is the birth date)
gift med Carin Sköld (eng. married with Carin Sköld)
Lungsot (died of Lungsot that is TBC wiki if the priest did the correct analysis ;-)
69 ( I think is age when he died)
gift (eng married)

Birth Anders Lundberg 1764 sep 21 Västerstad socken 

Weterstad, Skåne ==> Västerstad socken(parish)
1764 21/9 ==> Birth and Christening records

We have a child born 21 sep on page but I have difficulties to read the name ;-(
Västerstad CI:1 (1736-1789) Image 74 / page 66 (AID: v110359.b74.s66, NAD: SE/LLA/13469)

Maria Sofia Nyholm born 1/10 1833 i Hedvig Eleonora, Stockholms stad (Uppland)

Hedvig Eleonora CI:19 (1831-1840) Image 95 / page 145 (AID: v85587.b95.s145, NAD: SE/SSA/0006)
Could be we have
October Månad
Nr 232
Maria Sophia född d1 döpt d2 af Communister Seden?
Föräldrar: Okända, Modern 27 år Kv Hafssvalget ?
Barnmorska: ? Agriville?
Eng. Number 232
Maria Sophia born day 1 baptised day 2 Priest Seden
Parents Uknown, Mother 27 year (==> Born 1805)
Block Hafssvalget
Midwife Agriville

Livgrenadjär Anders Lundberg
We find him as soldier nr 92 in Wadstena Copagnie

Index of number of soldier and the house they lived in 

Generalmönsterrullor - Andra Livgrenadjärregementet 303 (1799-1799) Image 295 (AID: v67627.b295, NAD: SE/KrA/0023) is not Anders Lundberg as a soldier

Generalmönsterrullor - Andra Livgrenadjärregementet 304 (1803-1803) Image 147 (AID: v67628.b147, NAD: SE/KrA/0023)

Columns after Anders is Age, Number of years at work, Length in ?!?!, Married or not 
In the columns after the name I assume
Age 35
Year in duty 11
Length 5 foot 8 tum ==> I think it is 5*29.69 + 8*2.474 cm = 169 cm
Civil status married 

After 30 years in duty you got Gratial ==> money from a found ==> 35-11+30 = 54 => approx 1822 we have in the household book 1826-1835 that he is former (swedish afskedad) and receives money. The money was paid from Vadstena krigsmanshuskassa

  • Page explaining how to find information about gratial payments (in Swedish)

Generalmönsterrullor - Andra Livgrenadjärregementet 305 (1806-1806) Image 94 (AID: v67629.b94, NAD: SE/KrA/0023)

Columns after Anders is Age, Number of years at work, Length in ?!?!, Married or not 
In the columns after the name I assume
Age 35
Year in duty 11
Length 5 foot 8 tum ==> I think it is 5*29.69 + 8*2.474 cm = 169 cm
Civil status married
Rullor 1724- FI:12 (1790-1810) Image 680 (AID: v730857a.b680, NAD: SE/KrA/0450) Anders is not soldier 92

Rullor 1724- FI:12 (1790-1810) Image 1620 (AID: v730857a.b1620, NAD: SE/KrA/0450) Anders is sick at home (swedish Sjuk hemma på Rusthållet)
This document was created 1 October 1809 see Rullor 1724- FI:12 (1790-1810) Image 1450 (AID: v730857a.b1450, NAD: SE/KrA/0450)

Anders is not the soldier
Generalmönsterrullor - Andra Livgrenadjärregementet 306 (1817-1817) Image 386 (AID: v67630.b386, NAD: SE/KrA/0023)

Estate and Inventory

In Arkiv Digital I found a register pointing out the Estate and Inventory of the first wife

Lysings häradsrätt FII:30 (1828-1829) Image 410 / page 813 (AID: v77080.b410.s813, NAD: SE/VALA/01556)


I wrote a blogpost about Estates and Inventories in Sweden http://minancestry.blogspot.se/2014/05/estate-and-inventory.html


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