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Documenting a location/house in the family tree


At my last trip to Kräbäck, Österfärnebo see Släktforskartur Österfärnebo I found the house and the village my relatives has lived in and I would like to document it once and add it to the tree to facts that are related to house/village.
(compare database normalization see wiki )


The place visit in the tour above Söderängsvägen 6 N60.293575 E16.738666 village Kräbäck

We have the following dates people lived in Kräbäck

Name Birth   Moved into
Moved out
August Jansson Wiberg  1864 apr 5  1884    1906 jul 7
Anna Stina Olsdotter 1853 sep 28  1886    Died 1904 feb 25
August Wiberg 1885 jan 10  1886
  1904 oct 19?!?!?
  1905 aug 16
    1904 dec 26
    1905 aug 2

Carl Johan Wiberg 1887 jul 27  Born
     1904 sep 22
     1906 nov 28
Elin Kristina Wiberg 1889 mar 15  Born         ?
Gustav Teodor Wiberg 1890 jan 9  Born         ?
Märta Wiberg 1893 apr 13  Born    Died 1895 jan 30
Maria Wiberg 1893 apr 13   Born         ?
Sofia Olivia Lindner 1880 oct 13 1905 may 14   1906 jul 7
Valborg Linnea Viktoria1902 feb 3 1905 may 14   1905 nov 22
Gerda Virginia Viola Wiberg1905 sep 11Born   1906 jul 7

The residence fact in is not my best friend. I tried to use it telling that a person lived at a place between 1882-1884 and then I added sources/citations to prove that (and with the help of Evidentia I hope also to add an analyse).

Now I have changed my approach and add a Residence fact and add the date when a person moved in and add a comment when he moved out and then I gather all the citations that belongs to that residence.

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