torsdag 31 juli 2014

Balkan historia

Timeline former Yugoslavia 

Various dates are considered the end of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:
  • 25 June 1991, when Croatia and Slovenia declared independence
  • 8 September 1991, following a referendum the Republic of Macedonia declared independence
  • 8 October 1991, when the 9 July moratorium on Slovenian and Croatian secession ended and Croatia restated its independence in the Croatian Parliament (that day is celebrated as Independence Day in Croatia)
  • 15 January 1992, when Slovenia and Croatia were internationally recognized by most European countries
  • 6 April 1992, full recognition of Bosnia and Herzegovina's independence by the U.S. and most European countries
  • 28 April 1992, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is formed
  • 14 December 1995, the Dayton Agreement is signed by the leaders of FR Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia

Battle of Cer (August 16 - August 19, 1914)

Massacre of Novi sad

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