fredag 8 augusti 2014

Andrew Edwin Scott

Below is the relationship I have in my Ancestry tree.
Green part am I more or less sure. See my page with other people doing genealogy and we have some who are related to Törnblom plus my father spoke about Törnblom

From Anne Getrude Adams it is just breadcrumbs I have got on but not confirmed

Andrew Edwin Scott (1847 - 1927)
1st cousin 1x removed of wife of nephew of husband of great grand aunt
mother of Andrew Edwin Scott
father of Bethana Spaulding
daughter of Silas Spaulding
son of Mahala Spaulding
daughter of Franklin Pierce (Frank) Adams
husband of Anne Gertrude Adams
father of Franz Arthur Tornblom
father of Frans Oskar Törnblom
son of Per August Tornblom
wife of Josef Agapetrus Törnblom
father of Anna Axelina Lindgren
son of Johan Erik Lindgren
son of Karl August Johansson
son of Karl Fride Israel Johansson

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