tisdag 29 juli 2014

Ancestry family tree and how you set up the who you are person

If you have access to a Ancestry tree you can easy see how people are related to you.

1) Access Ancestry.com not Ancestry.se

Ancestry also have sites in Swedish etc, but change to the US URL ==>

If you have

change to


2) Click on Tree Pages and select Tree Settings

3) To the right in the picture you have Who you are in this tree

and when you click Select

If I e.g. select Astrid ==>

and goes to Vladan Radovan http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/20261258/person/28091830174

I have the possibility to see the relationship between Astrid and Vladan Radovan


Vladan Radoman (1936 - )
child of sister-in-law of aunt
mother of Vladan Radoman
father of Jovanka Petrovic
son of Andjelko Petrovic
partner of Momcilo A Petrowitz
father of Hilma Charlotta Elisabeth Sjöstrand
daughter of Anton Rudolf Ludvig Johansson
You are the daughter of Britta Sonja Linnéa Sjöstrand - (not you?)

Descendance Chart for Anton Rudolf Ludvig Johansson

Link  to get bigger size Google Drive

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