onsdag 19 juli 2017

Upload to Commons - Graves with no pictures on Q252312

App:  Upload to commons Android_App/Renewal

User case graves with no pictures see Talk

P1442 picture of grave

Normally a picture is Property:P18  ==> you have a Wikidata object with coordinates P625.

Graves has a less normalized implementation ==> you add the grave picture, plot information, coordinates of grave for every person in the grave.... see below a search for missing picture of Grave of people on a cemetery Q252312

OBS Wikidata query tool has problem visualize 2 dots with the same coordinates (all coordinates are displayed over each other  see e.g. wiki-map that has some "explode" support for items with the same coordinates) 

Graves with no gravepictures on Q252312  ==> SPARQL minus P1442

Graves that has grave pictures P1442 on cemetery Q252312

A layered approach pictures/no pictures

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