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Change request for Wikipedia for Iphone

Phabricator T171284

User case:

As an user walking around on a cemetery I would like to see if there exists any articles in WIkipedia about people in the graves near me....

Coordinates in Wikipedia

Coordinates can be primary or secondary see Extension:GeoData#Glossary

Coordinates in Articles

In an article you should have just one coordinate as the primary. For an article about a person its not obvious what coordinate is the primary is it:
  1. The location of a famous painting
  2. The location of the house he was born
  3. The grave (his current location)

Grave Coordinates

A good location to store grave locations are in Wikidata P119 and then use a template to make it visible in the article (or visual hidden ==> just for tools like Wikipedia for Iphone).

As a grave is maybe not the primary coordinate of an article about a person it will be transformed as a secondary coordinate to avoid getting more primary coordinates ==> we get problems with apps just retrieving default the primary coordinate....

Retrieving coordinates primary(default) vs. all

gsprimary=all coordinates 59.356500 18.031694 ==> grave Lena Nyman shown

                "pageid": 31877,
                "ns": 0,
                "title": "Lena Nyman",
                "lat": 59.3565,
                "lon": 18.0317,
                "dist": 0.3

default is gsprimary=primary coordinates 59.356500 18.031694 Lena Nyman's grave not shown

Suggested change Wikipedia for Iphone

Retrieve also secondary coordinates

Next step
I guess lesson learned of having +1200 coordinates on a  small area is that filtering is interesting....having the possibility to just see grave coordinates and not coordinates for buildings

==> I guess the concept of coordinates in Wikidata needs to be developed and saying that coordinate xxx is of an instance of yyyy

  • Wiki-map now supports gsprimary=all see blog
  • With 1200 people with coordinates also a function most famous is of interest see blog
  • Filter on graves with people with Spotify Artist ID see blog
  • Instead of dots on a map see the people near me on a Timeline e.g. Histropedia (picture below)

Histropedia Timeline of people on the cemetery
2017-07-20 Phabricator task created T171284 and email sent to mobile-ios-wikipedia@wikimedia.org" 

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