söndag 6 juli 2014

See on your tree in another way

I am a big fan of Crista Cowan and in her video about cleaning your tree  she speaks about looking at your tree in a different way.

Below I have done two videos where I just use a simple screen recording software and start speaking and navigating in my tree part 1 is in Swedish and 2 is in English. Main target was other ancestries but I feel it is a good way to look at your tree in a different way....

There are lot of possibilities to do it better. This was done live with no major preparations...

  • Add more references to church books
  • Combine movies of the person
  • Link between different youtube videos of the tree.....

Part 1 Swedish my fathers part

Part 2 English my mothers part

How to link between videos in YouTube using Annotations

Screen recording on a MAC

Just use Quicktime Player and select File/ New Screen recording and on you go

Then when done select upload Youtube

Other blogpost about my old videos on Youtube

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