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Balkan historia

Timeline former Yugoslavia 

Various dates are considered the end of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:
  • 25 June 1991, when Croatia and Slovenia declared independence
  • 8 September 1991, following a referendum the Republic of Macedonia declared independence
  • 8 October 1991, when the 9 July moratorium on Slovenian and Croatian secession ended and Croatia restated its independence in the Croatian Parliament (that day is celebrated as Independence Day in Croatia)
  • 15 January 1992, when Slovenia and Croatia were internationally recognized by most European countries
  • 6 April 1992, full recognition of Bosnia and Herzegovina's independence by the U.S. and most European countries
  • 28 April 1992, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is formed
  • 14 December 1995, the Dayton Agreement is signed by the leaders of FR Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia

Battle of Cer (August 16 - August 19, 1914)

Massacre of Novi sad

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Ancestry family tree and how you set up the who you are person

If you have access to a Ancestry tree you can easy see how people are related to you.

1) Access not

Ancestry also have sites in Swedish etc, but change to the US URL ==>

If you have

change to

2) Click on Tree Pages and select Tree Settings

3) To the right in the picture you have Who you are in this tree

and when you click Select

If I e.g. select Astrid ==>

and goes to Vladan Radovan

I have the possibility to see the relationship between Astrid and Vladan Radovan


Vladan Radoman (1936 - )
child of sister-in-law of aunt
mother of Vladan Radoman
father of Jovanka Petrovic
son of Andjelko Petrovic
partner of Momcilo A Petrowitz
father of Hilma Charlotta Elisabeth Sjöstrand
daughter of Anton Rudolf Ludvig Johansson
You are the daughter of Britta Sonja Linnéa Sjöstrand - (not you?)

Descendance Chart for Anton Rudolf Ludvig Johansson

Link  to get bigger size Google Drive

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Anton Rudolf Ludvig Johansson and Elin Ottilia Bernhardina Bildt ?

Some pictures from the Photoset I received from Astrid Doyne

Fotograf Wilhem Östergård

länk Östergård , Wilhelm Fanns på Korsgatan 10 i fd v. Boeckmanns lokal. (1899)
 Tycks ha övertagit Fürsts verksamhet kring sekelskiftet.

If Marriage between 

Anton Rudolf Ludvig Johansson

Birth 07-Oct-1873 in Häggesled, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Death 26-Jul-1961 in Örgrytehemmet, Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden


Elin Ottilia Bernhardina Bildt

Birth 31-Aug-1880 in Gustavi, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Death 23 sept 1930

then it is in 10 Sep 1899 see link

Göteborgs Oscar Fredrik EI:2 (1895-1899) Bild 185 / sid 177 (AID: v34367.b185.s177, NAD: SE/GLA/13189)

Update 2014-july
Found a email from Astrid where she says it is photos from har grandparents getting married ==> Case closed 

1908 years picture

Must be

Anton Rudolf Ludvig Sjöstrand 1873-1976 ==> 35 år
Elin Ottilia Bernhardina Bildt Johansson 31 aug 1880 - 23 sep 1930 ==> 28 år
Elsa Viola Margareta Sjöstrand 1900 – 1985 ==> 8 år 
Hilma Charlotta Elisabeth Sjöstrand  1903 – 1979 ==> 5 år 
Sven Leopold Sjöstrand 1904 – 1960 ==> 4 år

Mer information om Sjöstrand

Mål: Hitta mer information om Monas mors nuvarande släktingar

  1. Sven Leopold Sjöstrand

  2. Elsa Viola Sjöstrand


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Eva Mona Lisa Sälgö


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