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Beograd Momcilo Petrowitz

Momcilo Petrowitz 1937
Momcilo Petrowitz 1937 I think
Momcilo with his sisters  Danka and Jovanka

Relation to me 

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

Momcilo A Petrowitz (1900 - )
is your great grandfather
daughter of Momcilo A Petrowitz
son of Eva Mona Lisa Sjöstrand

Momcilo Petrowitz see http://story.sharing.ancestry.com/people/2853897?h=e3ec8e
Goal to get some more information about my mothers father that she just met once or twice.

What I know
1) My mothers father See letter below and adoption papers

2) Name Momcilo Petrovic
some second name A

From a letter 1953
Dipl Ing. Mom. A Petrovic
Gledstonova 38

3) Born 
22 jan 1900 in Požarevac

4) Addresses

Confessed 6 sep 1930 ing Momcilo A Petrovic fr Karadjordjera 47 Belgrad Jugoslavia  
In the birth book for Mona Momcilo has confessed that he is the father
Street name: Karadjordjeva 47

Gledstonova 38 Beograd
new address Bulevar Oslobođenja  
Momcilo Letter
Gledstonova (William Ewart Gladstone, famous British prime minister), then written by hand Bulevar Jugoslovenske Narodne Armije (Boulevard of Yugoslav People's Army) which is today Bulevar Oslobođenja  (Boulevard of Liberty).
As for Gledstonova, the name that replaced it is Puškinova (Alexandar Sergeyevich Pushkin, Russian poet).

Google map link Bulevar Oslobođenja 38 
Google map link Puškinova
5) Sisters
Danka and Jovanka see pictures above

6) Children
Just my mother Eva Mona Lisa who he didn't have any real contact with

7) Married twice
First Married Milica who died in 1953 12 april
Second time married in 1954/55 to an operasinger in Wien

8) Attorney after his death
My mother had some contact with the attorney in Beograd. Because it was a house that she should get some part of but nothing happened. I have send an email 2014 but got no answer about more information about Momcilo. In 1980;s Mona was so tired of this story with an absent father and mother and all the layers so I helped her and send a letter to Vladan that he could get what he wanted from the belongings of Momcilo. Since then we didnt hear anything.

Djurdje M. Ninkovic working at
Ninkovic , Milovana Milovanovica 1, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia

9) 1927 titled Aseas representation in Yugoslavia

10) Before the 2nd world war started 1941 was honorary counsel for Sweden in Beograd
Not confirmed

11) Email adress to some relatives (that doesn't work ;-( 2014 )
Email from Jasna@lab250.imp.bg.ac.yu from 2 july 1998 ==>
that can be Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES)
and has now lab250.imp.bg.ac.rs
Jasna is Jasna Nikcevic?!?!?

Update 20014 jul Jasna Nikcevic is found and she os the second wife of Vladan. Vladan is dead and she has some papers/photos after him and it looks like I could get something....

Next step
  1. Done Check in the Foreign department yearbook if he is mentioned as honorary counsel
    1. 1938 not found - after reading the letters he says
      "Soon before the war started in 1941 was I mentioned Swedish Honorary counsel in Jugoslavia.” if this is true - result negative
    2. 1941-45 not published
    3. ==> next step 20140304 order 1946 1951 result negative

      Sverige. Utrikesdepartementet othUtrikesdepartementets kalender19464 mar 2014Beställd
      Sverige. Utrikesdepartementet othUtrikesdepartementets kalender19514 mar 2014Beställd

  2. Done Look for more information how to find relatives in Beograd
    1. 20140707 Contact with Jasna Nikcevic 
      jasna.nikcevic@pupin.rs  jasna@impcomputers.com
    2. 20140721 I got in touch with Françoise Radoman through Ancestry
      Françoise's husband mother is Jovanka Petrovic (Petrovitch) who is the sister of my mothers father
      Family tree at http://en.geneanet.org/profil/fradoman/Francoise-Radoman ==> I have got all sisters to Momcilo and his father but still missing Momcilos death date and more information about him
  3. To do Travel to Beograd
  4. To do Look for more information about Momcilo
    1. Pictures
    2. Documents
    3. Done
  5. Learn more about Serbia and the life down there
    1. Bought the book Rani Jadi from Danilo Kis
    2. Bought a guide book of Serbia
    3. Started to plan a trip in tripit
  6. Požarevac
    1. Wikipedia in German
    2. Archive
      1. WEB http://www.arhivpozarevac.org.rs/RadSaKorisnicima.html
      3. Emailed 8 Sep 2014 to ask about the birth certificate
20140210 Found some letters from my mother where Momcilo is writing in German and in Swedish!!!
and also a letter in German from Jovanka see my tree
Letter 1953 November 2 sent from
Dipl Ing. Mom. A Petrovic
Gledstonova 38

Gledstonova is printed on the letter but strikethrough ==> I assume he has lived there and now lives on something I cant read it
Bul. Ing N ?????
Translated to English original language Swedish

(Printed on the letter)
Dipl Ing. Mom. A Petrovic

Dear my child.
Through the red cross I have received your address and no I write to you and hope you will receive my letter.
My first wife died in April this year, but in the autumn I married an opera singer from Wien. I am healthy and feel good and works in the government as an engineer.
My two sisters and I are very interested to know more about you. Please write and send a photo.
How is your mother? Please send me hers address.

Best Regards
your dad
Momcilo Petrovic ( signed)

Another letter dated 22 November 1953
In Swedish where he says
Thanks it is nice to read your letter (looks like my Mona has written to him). I am so happy that it is in Swedish someone that is me so near and can bind me more to Sweden my second home. It has happened a lot in 27 years and now I should tell you about me.

In mars 1924 came I to ASEA Västerås to get some practical training and learn the language. Then I learned to know Elisabeth - your mother and love made its traces with all its consequences and you as a result of this. In the beginning of August 1926 was I forced to travel back to Jugoslavia to do my military service. I was then separated as a good friend to Elisabeth.
When I came back to Belgrad ????? military service  and after that I married Milica who died 12 April this year (1953).

In the beginning of 1927 was I titled to ASEAs representation in Jugoslavia and did a lot of business with Sweden. Soon before the war started in 1941 was I mentioned Swedish Honorary counsel in Jugoslavia.
Then came the German invation

Letter 2 november 1953

A picture that says Meine Schwester Mona von Bruder Vladan
 Meine Schwester Mona von Bruder Vladan

20140122 Emailed the attorney if they have more information the letter email address legal@ninkovic.rs  Ninkovic Law office
20131211 Tried order a Birth Certificate for Momcilo - no success
20131211 Asked Västmanlads museum for more information about ASEA - no success more that they say there is material archvied in some odd place - no success
20131211 Emailed ABB - no success

Ordering Birth certificate - no success

СО Врачар
77 Njegoševa

Захтев за издавање извода из матичне књиге рођених

Хвала, ваш захтев је успешно послат.

Име: Momcilo A 
Презиме: Petrowitz
Име оца: 22 jan 1900
Датум рођења: дан. месец. година.
Место рођења: Belgrad?, ??? 
Матични броj: ????
Адреса на коју желите да се пошаље документ: Torneågatan 33
Ваш контакт телефон: 0046705937579
Ваша е-пошта: salgo60@msn.com
Сврха издавања извода: He is my mothers father see http://story.sharing.ancestry.com/people/2853897?h=e3ec8e

A request for the issuance of birth certificates

Thanks, your request has been successfully sent.

Name: Momcilo A
Surname: Petrowitz
Father's name: January 22, 1900
Date of birth: day. month. years.
Birthplace: Belgrade?,?? 
Registration Number: ?? address you want to send a document: 
Torneågatan 33
Your Phone: 0046705937579
E-mail: salgo60@msn.com
purpose of issuing statements: He is My mothers father see http://story.sharing.ancestry.com/people/2853897?h=e3ec8e

Email with Dejan 

My mother (Dejans mother) checked something in Belgrade. The only thing you can do is to go directly there. I have an adress also where you need to go. The adress is, Njegoševa 77, komun Vračar, Belgrade. You can ask everything there.
Google Map at Njegoševa 77, komun Vračar, Belgrade   see above

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maticarproslosti

  • Matičar prošlosti / Bookkeeper of the Past Hi Magnus, as a starting point, you can send a request to the Historical Archive of Belgrade - arhivbeograda@sezampro.rs - asking for a copy of the birth record of Momčilo A. Petrović. 
    This archive keeps the older vital records (church registers) from the Belgrade area (until 1913), and in these older books you can find sometimes also marginal notes about a person's marriage or death made by clerks in later decades. Vital records from 1913 onwards are still kept by the municipal authorities of Belgrade. 
    Perhaps in Sweden, ASEA has a company archive that might include historical data about personel. You could also check with the Belgrade Archive whether they have or know about an ASEA archive collection; it might include data about Yugoslav personel.
    The names of Danda and Jovanca appear to be misspelled and could be Danka and Jovanka.
  • Magnus Sälgö Thanks sounds like a good start I will email arhivbeograda@sezampro.rs 

    I have sent an email to ABB Belgrad with no response ;-(
  • Matičar prošlosti / Bookkeeper of the Past No response is the Balkan norm. However, the Historical Archive should really be able to help you.. Good luck!
  • Magnus Sälgö I plan to travel to Belgrad maybe that also could be a good way. Many thanks for your help. I feel a little bit lost finding information in another country. I was working together with a colleague who is from Belgrad and he gave me the word matičar and then I found this page and your help !!!
  • Matičar prošlosti / Bookkeeper of the Past That's an excellent plan to visit the archives and institutions in person, you might be able to find out much more when there's an archivist around to assist you – if only with the Cyrillic script of all the documents.
  • Magnus Sälgö The story I heard was that this Momcilo was a wealthy person and that his house was rented by some embassy etc. so just seeing the country is a big step to learn more and maybe find some addresses where he lived. I have been to former Yugoslavia when I...See More
  • Matičar prošlosti / Bookkeeper of the Past Nice!  

    So, a wealthy man who was married to an opera singer, and his house is nowadays rented by an embassy. There are a lot of Momčilo A. Petrović'es around in Serbia, but this Momčilo sounds so specific that it shouldn't be too difficult to find out more about him in Belgrade… 
    Just one more thing: the middle name A. usually is the patronym, referring to the first name of his father. Good luck!


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