söndag 27 oktober 2019

Metadata check in Swedish on digital curated sources

EARLY DRAFTI did some metadata check on the following Swedish sources
I feel we lack a good linked data vision compare our winning linked data vision 2016

  1. is moving around objects with bad metadata a good strategy
  2. is aggregation to Europeana the solution
  3. is playing with User interfaces adding some value? or is bad metadata  always bad metadata  that makes our experience less good

    Is bad metadata like a museum with closed doors......
  4. what is the impact of having Swedish culture with bad metadata and a weak stategi and modelling knowledge...
  5. Digisam started in 2012 speaking about linked data since then the following reports/blogposts has been produced
    1. TBA
    2. Linked data and the future of aggregation
    3. 2015 06 Digisam recommends that persons working on digital cultural heritage aim to follow the star model formulated by Tim Berners-Lee,
    4. 2014 Utvärdering av samordningssekretariatet för digitalisering, digitalt bevarande och digitalt tillgängliggörande (Digisam)
      1. Statskontoret kan konstatera att samordningen inom Digisam hittills har haft begränsad påverkan på hur de enskilda institutionerna bedriver sitt interna digitaliseringsarbete.
    5. .....
  6. Interesting initiatives
    1. Ksamsök/RAÄ
      1. started in 2008?!?!  with LOD but....
        1. Miss platforms for communication i.e. 
          1. you can never track issues/change requests
        2. I have not seen any Linked Data vision its more delivering Strings in RDF
          1. What we see is people travelling around on conferencies and like each other on twitter (50 000 tweets or more)
          2. They yearly create hackathons but feels  no outcome see my winning linked data vision 2016
      2. If you ask semantic questions they feel offended I guess its more an indication they are outside the safety box
      3. People doing in Linked data is more programmers han domain experts is my feeling
      4. Reports success is done in numbers of objects with bad metadata that are moved to Europeana an aggregation services with a very weak metadata model....
      5.  The story told is we have good linked metadata and used Linked data since 2013
    2. Digitalmuseum
      1. Has a linked data concept that every museum is responsible for its links and people/places qualified as authorities
        1. my feeling is that the system is more a place grouping uploaded objects than good metadata
      2. The RDF ontology is very weak compared with Wikidata and feel like museums dont even understand how connect things in a more advanced way....
      3. when asking  "adding a person" I got a no see  link
    3. Riksarkivet
      1. Tora
    4. LIBRIS Linked data Libay
      1. LIBRISXL

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