måndag 3 juni 2019

IIIF Wikipedia / WIkidata


List of tools et al found with Wikidata/Wikipedia/IIIF
  1. Commons:International_Image_Interoperability_Framework
  2. using the Prague approach  making it possible to export GPS coordinates done by @pebaryan(see below)
    and instead export WDQS(Wikidata Query Service) to IIIF manifest
    1. Even more interesting when federation between WD and Wikicommon works
  3. en:Wikipedia -> IIF
    1. GITHUB: tomcrane/wikipedia-to-iiif Generate a IIIF manifest for a Wikipedia entry
  4. Wikidata Property:P6108 manifesto IIIF
    1. Proposal Wikidata:Property_proposal/IIIF_manifest
  5. Science Stories www.sciencestories.io/
    1. GITHUB ScienceStories
    2. Science Stories: Using IIIF and Wikidata to Create a Linked-Data Application
  6. GITHUB iiif-wikidata IIIF and Wikidata experiements
  7. Detailed depictions with IIIF, Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons Martin Poulter
  8. IIIF Timeliner: a tool for music pedagogy
    1.  tool for music pedagogy (try it out by loading https://dlib.indiana.edu/iiif_av/jwd/chopin.json)
  9. github.com/ProjectMirador/
  10. Lucas Werkmeister Wikidata_Image_Positions
    1. tools.wmflabs.org/wd-image-positions/item/Q1231009?uselang=zh

Example of xxx from Wikimedia hackathon in Prague link

Gist tomcrane


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