fredag 13 april 2018

Some statistics of the benefits of external identifiers

We have now experience from connecting more external sources to Wikidata...

So far NO ONE has given us any external identifiers when importing to make it easier to match ....  

Below some statistics how easy it would be if they had

Example SKBL

A status check how many of connected persons share VIAF LIBRIS....


SKBL  Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon P4963  published 2018
1000 Swedish women from the Middle Ages to the present day

SBL Dictionary of Swedish National Biography P3217 published 1918

 Swedish Musical Heritage P4607 published 2017?

National museum Sweden P2538

SPA Svenskt Porträttarkiv P4819 published 2018

Swedish Musikverket database of the performing artists P4357

Person in Swedish Movie Database P2168

Members in the goverment of Sweden P1214

KulturnavID  P1248

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