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Example what is in Wikidata that could be used in WikiTree for making categories with good infoboxes and good structures.... all pictures are from Wikicommon and are CC0 = "no copyright reserved" 
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Below query

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel  ?itemDescription ?img ?map ?start ?location ?admLabel ?capital ?short(?admLabel as ?layer) ?Geoname WHERE {
  ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q328584.
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P625 ?location}
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P131 ?adm}
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P18 ?img}
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P242 ?map}
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P571 ?start}
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P1813 ?short}
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P36 ?capital}
  OPTIONAL {?item wdt:P1566 ?geonameID}
  BIND(URI(CONCAT("",?geonameID)) AS ?Geoname)

  SERVICE wikibase:label {
    bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "sl","en","de","es" . 
order by ?itemLabel


Image grid showing overview maps and pictures from the area

Pictures in Wikicommon are CC0 = "no copyright reserved" 

Just overview maps from Wikicommon that can be copied and used....

Pictures in Wikicommon are CC0 = "no copyright reserved" 

Wikidata and OSM - Linked data - same as Wikidata....

Open Street map has a tag for Wikidata ==> If we have the wikidata object its easy find the node/relation in OSM. Borders are in OSM implemented as relations....

  • Q507051 is Občina Kranjska Gora
  • A search can be done see link to find the object in OSM with Wikidata tag using Overpass and the query language

    out body;
    out skel qt;

    ==> we get OSM relation 1675593 ==> link 
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How to extract data to a spreadsheet

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