onsdag 1 november 2017

Haplogroups in Wikidata

This weekend we had a great event in Berlin Wikidata 5 years plus 2 new properties were created
Lesson learned is that 
Some questions challenges

  1. How to do this useable?
  2. What level of the Haplogroup should be tracked in Wikidata
  3. Can Wikidata be the stable object that can track differences in haplogroups between different vendors etc... 

Example of how a record in Wikidata can be defined

Edvard IV av England

Below Edvard IV with references to studies.... best would be if we could have referencies to test results.....

List instances of mitochondrial DNA haplogroup Q42262065 or any of the classes in its subclass tree today in Wikidata

List instances of Y-DNA Haplogroups Q42262353 or any of the classes in its subclass tree

  • Number of people in Wikidata is today 3,5 million link

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