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WeRelate Wikidata property P4159

In Wikidata a Property P4159 has been created to store the WeRelate ID ==>

Profile Person:Elisabeth Albertine of Anhalt-Bernburg (1) will be stored in Wikidata Q3723201#P4159

Reports et al

Upload WeRelate

    • Tool to use to upload
    • Video how to upload using QuickStatement
      • Example loadfile for P4159 WeRelate - OBS tab is the delimer see video

        Q5507030 P4159 "Sarah_Lincoln_(20)"
        Q5507350 P4159 "Thomas_Lincoln_(37)"
        Q23 P4159 "George_Washington_(6)"
        Q11806 P4159 "John_Adams_(29)"
        Q212963 P4159 "Samuel_Adams_(87)"
        Q710057 P4159 "Josiah_Bartlett_(2)"
        Q647979 P4159 "Carter_Braxton_(1)"


Video how to upload using Quickstatement

Using Wikidata to Add more reliable sources to Wereleate

Swedish National Archives has a department that creates a biographical dictionary (SBL) ==> full time professionals see link.

SBL has in Wikidata property P3217.  Every article in SBL has an unique ID e.g. Alfred Nobel has 8143 ==> that in Wikidata this value is added to Q23810 P3217

    • Status 12 aug 2017 is +3900 articles in SBL connected to an article in Wikidata see map

Map of Birth, Death and Grave location of People in Wikipedia with also an Article in SBL
Click upper left to filter n century
As WeRelate now has Property P4159 we can create a list of all Profiles in WeRelate that also is described in SBL

What has been done in WeRelate

As WeRelate now have a Property in Wikidata it would be possible to populate WeRelate templates like SBL sources from Wikidata

Other possibilities

  1. Pictures are stored in P18 that should be an illustration of the object
  2. Grave pictures are stored in P1442
    1. all pictures are in WikiCommon and can be used
  3. Finnish Bibliographies Kansallisbiografia has property P2180
  4. Rodovid is an Ukrainan genealogy Wiki using MediaWiki 1.9.3 they have Property P1185 and has most research in that part of the world see my blog and search displayed on a map
  5. property P1818 is a personnel database of the Courtiers of the Austrian Habsburg Dynasty in the 16th and 17th centuries - the following profiles in WeRelate is connected with a record in this database when we search in Wikidata  

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