måndag 14 augusti 2017

Brainstorming: Geocoding related User Stories


The is a first try to write down User stories related to Geocoding of articles in Wikipedia/Wikidata - please contribute. Twitter Salgo60

Status today

  1. A Wikipedia article can have coordinates 
    1. e.g. using template coord
      1. coord kan be inline or title and have a name
  2. In Wikidata we have Property P625 coordinate location
    1. Can be added on a Wikidata object
    2. As a qualifier on a Property e.g. Grave has location..... Q23810#P119
  3. Technical 
    1. we have one primary coordinate and more secondary coordinates ==>
      1. What is the primary coordinate of a dead person?
        1. Current location = grave?
        2. Birth location
        3. Museum about the person?

User Cases 

ROLE Tourist

i.e. people out travelling with less knowledge of the area and would like to learn more

As a tourist visiting ......

As a tourist driving on E4 passing a cemetery with 1500 geocoded graves I would like

As a tourist walking around in the city I would like to see....

Issues: Today we have 1500 graves geocoded at Northern Cemetery in Swedish Wikipedia should we get 1500 alerts when you pass by this cemetery

Northern Cemetery has 1200 geocodes in sv:Wikipedia
Some as primary coordinates and some as secondary coordinates


ROLE Visitor to museum

A person that has visited a museum i.e. is a "more interested" tourist. Interesting in a specific area ==> expressed that he/she is interested in learning more and find new places/museums/objects related to this museum outside the museum

As a visitor to a special Museum Hamn I would like to see all places related to this Museum and learn more

  1. Memorials
  2. Places related to this museum
  3. Signs in the landscape of the troops moving/attacking
  4. People famous that have a statue/street or something
  5. Other museums with material related to this museum
    1. ex. a flag from the battle.....


ROLE interested Art Museums vistor

Art museum visitor is same as ROLE Visitor to museum with the addition
  1. interested to learn more about a genre
    1. find other painters in the genre
    2. find other painters that influenced the painter of interest
    3. find other museums with paintings from those people
  2. visiting the location of were the painting was created
    1. get a "beep" when passing a location that was on a painting you liked

ROLE cemetery visitor

  1. Find a specific grave
  2. Find graves from most famous people
  3. Find graves that are special
  4. Learn more of the graves standing next to your current location
  5. Get other media like Spotify, Youtube

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