tisdag 9 augusti 2016

Properties also on profiles with the WikiTreeID

#What other properties does a item with the WikiData property have
SELECT ?prop ?propLabel ?count WHERE {
        SELECT ?prop (COUNT(DISTINCT ?item) AS ?count) WHERE {
           hint:Query hint:optimizer "None" .
           ?item wdt:P2949 ?yp_id .
           ?item ?p ?id .
           ?prop wikibase:directClaim ?p .
           {?prop wdt:P31 wd:Q19847637}  # Wikidata property representing a unique identifier
           {?prop wdt:P31 wd:Q19595382}  # Wikidata property for authority control for people
        }  GROUP BY ?prop
    SERVICE wikibase:label {
        bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" .

} ORDER BY DESC (?count)

Result 2016-aug-9

prop   propLabel                count
P2949  WikiTree ID              3669
P646   Freebase ID              2676   --- Google project that now is part of WIkiData
P227   GND ID                   2100   --- German National Library authority database
P2163  FAST-ID                  1733   --- WorldCat projectr learn more
P1006  National Thesaurus for Author Names ID 1260 --- The Dutch National Thesaurus
P648   Open Library ID          756   --- Open Library a Library for all books published
P1263  NNDB people ID           728   -- Notable database 
P1871  CERL ID                  718   -- Notable database
P1315  People Australia ID      661
P349   NDL ID                   645
P1415  Oxford Biography Index Number 632
P345   IMDb ID                  617
P1816  National Portrait Gallery (London) person ID     605
P1819  Genealogics.org person ID 575
P409   NLA (Australia) ID       566
P535   Find a Grave grave ID    559
P691   NKCR AUT ID              539
P906   SELIBR                   514
P1273  CANTIC-ID                472
P245   ULAN ID                  423

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