fredag 29 juli 2016

Using WikiData to add quality at WikiTree part 1

We have a new excellent way of finding duplicates….. as I connect and everyone else can connect WikiTree to WikiData ==> on the profile at WikiData we add the WikiTree ID…. ==> you find duplicates

==> When mapping you realise that we have some duplicates in WikiTree 

Ex…. Christian August Holstein Gottorp (1673 - 1726)


==> When I found Holstein-Gottorp-39 I couldn’t add it to WikiData as we already had  Holstein_Gottorp-4 ==> suggested merge...

So please help add the WikiTree Attribute to WikiData it will increase the quality of WikiTree

This can be used also that when you find a profile in Wikipedia that you check in WikiData if the profile is linked to WikiTree….

Magnus Sälgö
Stockholm, Sweden

Tools to generate family trees

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