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How to progress

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Areas to discuss/explain 

  1. Family Search Swedish parish pages who is the target group
  2. I have seen 
    1. WikiProject_Sweden
    2. WikiProject:_Swedish_Jurisdiction_Infoboxes
    3. This is the project I am interested in and I have marked Gävleborg County and Västmanland County

  3. How do you track progress and quality

    I have seen that Wikipedia has some matrix of quality and use Maintenance categories how do you work
  4. Using templates inside a wiki I have seen you have done a lot and have some great examples that I played with on my Sandboxe.g.
      1. Navigational template Template:Sweden
      2. The Infobox for Sweden etc...

        Who can create a template and do you have a standard....
  5. External linking best practise?
    1. My experience is using Templates ==> easier to track and easier to change if URL change
      1. Linking restrictions?
        1. Swedish Folklore society?
        2. Commercial company Arkiv Digital who "re”scan all Swedish church books
        3. Government sites with good information like maps with parish border Fornsök from Swedish National Heritage Boardvideo I did
    2. Where to place links? When I look on Blekinge County I see the created an “external” page Databases for Blekinge
    3. As you have a “modern” version of Wikitree you have never thought about a navigational box with show/hide?!?!? instead of jumping to another page...
    4. One of the best places about Swedish parishes is Wikipedia they have a lot. 
      1. Is it ok to link to them?
      2. As Family Search is a Wiki and Wikipedia is a Wiki do we have any easy way

        1. Crosslink works using [[Wikipedia:sv:Alfta_socken|Alfta]]
        2. Can we also cross links pictures /maps ex. Alfta church
        3. Or use simplified maps ex. compare on Bollnäs

      3. Coordinates helps a lot finding a place. Wikipedia has done the work and have added coordinates to all parishes churches ex
      4. Koordinater61°20′49″N 16°4′16″Ö
        is done using infobox | lat_d = 61| lat_m = 20| lat_s = 49| lat_NS  = N
        | long_d = 16| long_m = 4| long_s = 16| long_EW = E==> Template Coord is  used
        1. What is best practice inside Family Search for coordinates
        2. My experience is if we “steal” coordinates from Wikipedia that we have a template taking the same arguments
  6. Multi language
    1. What is the plan? What parts in Swedish….
  7. An area that I believe in is WEB 3.0 or the semantic web ==> today we publish pages in the net and in the future we will link data ==> a resources like Family Search can contribute with  good genealogy information anyone looking into this
    1. Today Wikipedia has excellent information ==> Alfta parish above is Wikidata object Q10405130 that today has no external links 
      but of we look at Picasso Q5593 you can see that a lot of sites has connected to him ==> you can ask for the locations of his (Q5593) works using a
      SPARQL query
       i looked into your profile and I think DNA research will benefit from this open data… 
      We have a Swedish programmer that have done some nice integration between FTDNA and family trees

      see video I did DNAGEN using this tool. If we open up data then more things like this can be done and DNA research would benefit a lot….…

      Another video me "thinking load” about how DNA = FTDNA + Family tree + Sources using templates in a wiki would be magic

      The free training
      Introduction to linked data and the Semantic Web from University f Southampton
  8. What is the best place to ask questions that are a bit more technical like
    1. Template design
    2. Cross link 
    3. Bot updates….

Example of a simplified map ==> you add the coordinate and text of Bollnäs and its displayed in the map

Result of a query in SPARQL to find location of Picassos work

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