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Erik Rosén story

Gather some information about Erik Rosen and my version of it

My understanding is that we get a chaos and a lot of people are moving to North America....

1890 jun 17 Erik Rosen born in Koldemo is getting engaged to Anna Fornander from Söderhamn a family that looks have a good status and the engagement is announced in Kalmar magazine 1870 jun 17  link - picture below). Annas father is Karl Alfred Fonander (article in wiki)

From a newspaper link Kalmar 17 jun 1890 page1

Sundsvalls Gustav Adolf AI:8f (1880-1891) Image 64 / page 1741 (AID: v122510.b64.s1741, NAD: SE/HLA/1010190)

1891 nov 1 married

1892 apr 27 first son born Karl Erik Hjalmar
1900 Census title Bokhållare (eng. clerk) and married living i Söderhamn[13]
1900 jul 12 twins Elisabeth Katrina and Ingeborg Katrina born. Mother is Edla Katrina Uhlin[14]. On the birth certificate it says father is E Rosen fr Söderhamn and the children are moved to And Westin in Källvik. In the householdbook[11] his current family and the twins and the mother [Katarina Uhlen] are on the same page of the book
1901 dec 1 divorced[4](Frånskild man 1/12 1901)[11]. There is a comment in Household book Söderhamn AIIa:1c (1896-1905) Image 760 / page 964 (AID: v136884.b760.s964, NAD: SE/HLA/1010202)
1903 jan 5 in Söderhamn AIIb:1 (1896-1905) Image 1570 (AID: v191183.b1570, NAD: SE/HLA/1010202) a comment that he is leaving to North America
    Rosen Erik 67 25/8 Anna frånsk Handlande , 964, 1278, (N Amerika 5/1 03)
1903 jan 29 we have a Erik Rosen? moving to New York together with a (fathers) brother Olof Rosen who already is living in North America a guess is that its his father's brother [16][17]  I think that is Eriks father (Erik Rosen 1844-1905) brother Olof 1856-

Name: Erik Rosin
Arrival Date: 29 Jan 1903
Birth Date: abt 1868
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Swedish
Port of Departure: Christiania
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Norge

Name: Olaf Rosin
Arrival Date: 29 Jan 1903
Birth Date: abt 1858
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: American
Port of Departure: Christiania
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Norge

1905 may 31 Eriks father Erik Rosen 1844-1905 dies and a probate is written (25 pages long) it says

widow Margareta born Hansson
son Erik who is living in Amerika
daughter Sigrid Dorothea

Erik Rosen in Amerika?
Karl Erik Hjalmar a sailor 1m 6s
Father in Amerika 2m 38s

Erik Rosen part 2 who is the father
Frans is leaving to North America 40s
Living to North America 40s
Explaining the householdbook page for 1900-1903 5m 09s

Frans Erik Gunnar Rosen 1893
Record at Ancestry that he is leaving 3m 37s
Record at Arkiv Digital with him on the passengar list 4m 45s
Erik his father is moving to North Amerika 5m 15s
Court decsion of divorce Erik and Anna 13m 17s
Another family tree at Ancestry with Frans Gunnar Rosen in it that could be contacted. 10 Sources....14m 25s

Järvsö et al
Olof Pehrsson 1731-1791 Estate and inventory 2m 5s

Proof Erik Rosen is the son to Erik Rosen and living in North America

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