onsdag 17 juni 2015

Wikitree sections

Use a Timeline - swedish Tidslinje

Makes it easier to follow the life of the person and also to add the references to the correct event

to "reuse" a source use the name tag ==>

<ref name="v4419.b22.s15">Järn AI:14 (1861-1865) Image 22 / page 15 (AID: v4419.b22.s15, NAD: SE/GLA/13264)</ref> 

to "reuse" the source then

<ref name="v4419.b22.s15"/>

Use a Research Notes section

Intention is to tell what has been done and what are still open issues

To Do section

Explain whats next to do

Personal Categories

Used to mark profiles where more work is needed or they are part of DNA research or is a Free space
  1. Add [[Category:Sälgö-1]] to your profile
    where Sälgö-1 is my Wikitree ID

    See http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:S%C3%A4lg%C3%B6-1
  2. Add subcategories for e.g.
    1. To Do [[Category:Sälgö-1_ToDo]]
    2. DNA research [[Category:Sälgö-1_DNA]]
    3. Free space profiles [[Category:Sälgö-1_space_started]]
  3. Then add subcategories for TODO e.g.
    1. To Do Check Military Records [[Category:Sälgö-1_To_Do_List_Check_MilitaryRecords]]

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