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Started moving my tree to wikitree

Background: Having one common tree were everyone work together has great benefits plus it makes it more important that I work with my part in a more professional way ==> I will have my tree at wikitree (plus ancestry.com...)

Delprojekt1: Stockhaus delen med referenser

Gjort: Startat med all lägga in namnen till Katarina Lukasdotter Stockhaus

Nästa steg Lägga in referenser

  1. Katarina Lukasdotter Stockhaus ancestors descendants (November 27, 1664 - 1763)
    1. Magdalena Andersdotter ancestorsdescendants (June 16, 1686 - June 8, 1767) m. Gustaf Svensson
      1. Maria Gustafsdotter Hagberg ancestorsdescendants (1720 - May 12, 1785) m. Jonas Nilsson Mejer
        1. Peter Mejer ancestorsdescendants (October 17, 1744 - March 13, 1828) m. Maria Hagberg
          1. Anna Maria Mejer ancestorsdescendants (November 28, 1776 - 1839)
  1. Anna Maria Mejer ancestors descendants (November 28, 1776 - 1839) m. Jakob Forslund
    1. Anna Maria Forslund ancestorsdescendants (November 23, 1797 - )
      1. Per Fridström ancestorsdescendants (December 8, 1819 - December 7, 1882)
        1. Sofia Olivia Fridström ancestorsdescendants (July 29, 1852 - April 25, 1939) m. Frans Josef Lindner
          1. Sofia Olivia (Lindner) Viberg ancestorsdescendants (October 13, 1880 - January 8, 1957)

Family tree http://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Lukasdotter%20Stockhaus-Family-Tree-1

Relationship Trail

Magnus is the child of Carl-Eric Sälgö.
Carl-Eric is the son of Valborg Sälgö.
Valborg is the daughter of Sofia Olivia Viberg.
Sofia Olivia is the daughter of Sofia Olivia Fridström.
Sofia Olivia is the daughter of Per Fridström.
Per is the son of Anna Maria Forslund.
Anna Maria is the daughter of Anna Maria Mejer.
Anna Maria is the daughter of Peter Mejer.
Peter is the son of Maria Gustafsdotter Hagberg.
Maria is the daughter of Magdalena Andersdotter.
Magdalena is the daughter of Katarina Lukasdotter Stockhaus.
Katarina is the daughter of Lukas Adamsson Stockhaus.
Lukas is the son of Adam Stockhaus.
  • Adam is the 11th great grandfather of Magnus.

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embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

embeddable family tree updated live from WikiTree

Delprojekt 2: Barn till Franz Josef Lindner Done

Delprojekt 3: Barn till Sofia Olivia Lindner Done

Delprojekt 4: Barn till Carl Johan Lindner Done

Delprojekt 5: Barn till Albin Sofia Linder Done

Delprojekt 6: Barn till Franz Josef Linder

Nästa steg: Leta barnbarn

Delprojekt 7: Barn till Johanna Otillia Linder

Nästa steg: Leta barnbarn

Delprojekt 8: Barn till Oskar Felix Linder


Nästa steg: Barnbarn ex, Ulla Elisabeth Margareta Lindner i Lindesberg Ratsit

Delprojekt 9: Barn till Fredrik Wilhelm Linder

Nästa steg: Karl Vilhelm Einar Lindners barn?

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