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Goal: To get more information about Grällsta where my Grandfather grow up with his parents

Done: Visited Grällsta and the place was outside Grällsta called Vargstugebacken see my tour 2015 May and maps below or Google map

see also facts in Ancestry http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/20261258/person/921521039/fact/240703825828

Ransta J112-83-12 Häradsekonomiska kartan 1905-11

Map from Historiska kartor at Lantmäteriverket
Search result on Vargstugebacken link

Sätra brunn J133-11G7h64 Ekonomiska kartan 1963

The house is located on Vargstubacken 115–116, 733 94 Sala, Sverige
59°51'14.0"N 16°29'51.0"E
59.853900, 16.497500
Google map

Red circle in picture Google map picture below

Household records
Looks like parish shoemaker (swe. sockenskomakare) 

Line #19 Carl August Johansson 1865 10/4 Simtuna with his wife married 1890 30/12 (Ancestry record) 
Line #20 Louisa Mathilda Carlsson 1864 10/1 Romf(artuna) and the son 
Line #21 Carl Fride Israel 1895 23/12 Kila lived her and they had one dräng (eng. farmhand?!?!) August

Arkiv Digital 
Kila AI:21a (1886-1896) Image 34 / page 26 (AID: v72703.b34.s26, NAD: SE/ULA/10524)

Futher down on the same page was 
Line #24 Abdon Törnblom and even further down was Abdon's sister Emma

Line #28 Emma with her man 
Line #29 Carl August Rosen

Moved in records
Kila B:4 (1874-1894) Image 123 (AID: v72708.b123, NAD: SE/ULA/10524)

Line #153 1/12 1894,  year 26 , Skräddare (eng Taylor) Abdon Vilh. Törnblom 1868 30/7 moved from Simtuna to Grällsta (that is Vargstugebacken) 
Line #154 1/12 1894,  year 26 , Piga (eng maid) Emma Ch. Törnblom moved from Simtuna to Grällsta ( I think she followed Abdon)
Line #161 8/12 1894,  year 26 , Skräd. (eng Taylor) C. Aug,(ust) Lindgren Rosen from Kolbäck to Grällsta

Vargstugebacken in the good old days

Huset 2014 link to  Google map 

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