onsdag 5 februari 2014

Web hangout nr 2: 2014 feb 5

Next Hangout: Wednesday 19:00 see announcement in the Facebook DNA-anor group or check the Google+ group DNA-anor

Wednesday 5 feb recording on YouTube

Content (swedish)
24:00 False matching 

35:00 Discussion about the match I and Bengt-Ola Morgny has see at 35:00 minuter

Discussion about longest block 33.65cM where Rolf thinks Magnus and Bengt-Ola as about 150 years from each other i.e. 3-4 generations

We tried to see if we could triangulate but I have no one at the same location i.e.  Chromosom 1 and start 230488906 end at 247093448 see videon at 38 minuts


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