onsdag 12 februari 2014

Web hangout nr 3: 2014 feb 13

Next Hangout: Wednesday 19:00 see announcement in the Facebook DNA-anor group or check the Google+ group DNA-anor

Wednesday 13 feb recording on YouTube

1 min Eva explains what she has been doing regarding to find US emmigrants

2 min Mats explains what he has done he hasa fullmT, Y-111 and have ordered Big Y, Family Finder

3 min Mikael Västerås has ordered a Family Finder test

4 min Olle has a Y-37, Family Finder has ordered a mtDNA

7 min Olle speaks about

9 min Magnus displays his results from DNA Gedcom
- Eva has Ingrid also
- Magnus displays more Gedcom results TODO understand the result better

19:00 min Olle explains what he has done with Huss an what hits he have

  • Genevieve Maxine Nystrom Shared segment 39,43 cM/Longest Block 10,5
  • Philip Henry Haynes Shared segment 33,16 cM/Longest Block 8,51

38:00 min Mats comments on Magnus hits that he has been in touch with


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