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Stockhaus DNA

Background: There is a big well documented family tree for the blacksmith family Stockhaus in Sweden. He came to Sweden in the 1500 from Germany.

We are also a lot of people in Sweden who has found out that the churchbooks tells us that we are part of the this Stockhaus family.


In Germany there is a DNA project to find out if the Stockhaus now living in Germany belongs to the same family see http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Stockhausen/default.aspx

The distribution in Germany of Stockhaus today


In Sweden we have started to see if we can confirm that we have some relation if we are Stockhaus. Step 1 is that we have added our Stockhaus line to the following chart and we are now trying to see what we can understand from the DNA tests that this is true....

Next step

  1. Evaluate DNA and see if I have some relations to Stockhaus. See webhangouts where this is discussed http://minancestry.blogspot.se/2014/02/webhangout-2014-feb-5.html
  2. There is a new Facebook group for Stockhaus related people (in Swedish)
    the plan is to do a trip to Stensta Bruk see https://www.facebook.com/events/596033840488802/


20140210 Magnus has uploaded his DNA to DNAGEDCOM and what we see is that the common segment that Lina Lukas and I have at Chromosome 1 7.77cM is not shared by anyone else. So the questions are still

  1. Can you trace a relationship so far away as the one I and Lina Lukas has in the autosomal DNA
  2. This shared segment start 165402360 end 172579436 in chromosome 1 is that a "Stockhause" rest or does Lina and I have some other relation?
  3. Feels like we miss more Stockhaus people who has tested Autosomal DNA to get a better understanding

Stig has ordered a YDNA37 test from Family Finder

Contact is established with Stig Zetterkvist who is not tested but thinks he has a male line to Stockhaus "Hans is my ff ff ff ff ff f"and is willing to do the test.

His family tree

20130124 Contact is established between s.holz@telia.com from Smedföreningen and Michael Stockhaus see Family tree DNA Stockhausen project

20130122 Received Family Finder results found some hit with another Stockhaus person. Created
a chart where we set up the relation we had and the results the Family Finder Test
The Chart WEB version
Chart link so you can add to the chart

20131217 Sent in my DNA test to FamilyDNA Family Finder + Y-DNA37

20131217 Applied for a beginners genealogy training Släktforskning grund with the teacher Ulf Berggren

20131215 Emailed Ove Renger (ove@renger.se) who is expert on the Stockhaus family ( his web) about the DNA project and asked if he think it is useful for understanding the Stockhaus family tree. He answered that he has sent in a DNA test

20131214 Asked in Facebook DNA group about ancestors to Stockhaus on the mail line

20131214 answer Michael Stockhaus he is most interested in an unbroken male line
In Germany there is the following location of Stockhaus  http://www.verwandt.de/karten/absolut/stockhaus.html

20131211 Emailed michael.stockhausen.ff@web.de the administrator pf the FamilyTree DNA project if I can be part and what tests to be done

Links Stockhaus

Discussion Stockhaus (swedish)
Ove  Regner one who has done a lot of work about Stockhaus
Per Göran Olsson släktträdet Stockhaus
Smedforskning om Stockhaus a group of people that just works with Blacksmiths in Sweden (in english). The following is written

  • Häfte nr 3 about släkten Stockhaus

Sveriges Radio SR P1 Släktband speaks about blacksmiths 31 october 2005 (swedish

Links Gustav Vasa and blacksmiths

The Making of the Rapier
"Sweden had no domestic production of quality weapons, relying on expensive imports instead. In 1551, King Gustav ordered the start of white arms production in the town of Arboga (west of Stockholm), hiring German smiths in order to get the competence needed. One of the German master-smiths employed was Markus Dieffstädter, who headed the production for a few years before returning to Germany. In 1554, he delivered over 1,000 blades. The King was a harsh critic, though, as he in 1555 returned some blades with the comment that the smiths "should make the blades somewhat thicker and better, so that they don't take a set when they are bent, as they have been apt to do". There's an inventory made in 1548 that records that the King owned no less than twelve rapiers. Given his upbringing and war experience, he knew how to use them."

Konkurrens från tyska smeder

Kungen tog in tyska smeder
Kung Gustav Vasa försökte med olika medel och skrivelser få bergsmännen att övergå till stångjärnsframställning. När bergsmännen själva inte förändrade sitt produktionsätt, tog han in tyska smeder i landet för att förbättra järntillverkningen.
…Käre undersåtar, härmed tillkännager Vi att Vi till Er och rikets bästa och nytta låtit kalla in till riket många främmande och för detta riket nyttige ämbetsmän och synnerligen goda hammarsmeder, som kan vara till stor nytta och gagn för Er som bedriver bergsbruk i riket.

My Stockhaus tree

Gen 14 = 8192 possible people
Hans Stockhaus
is your 13th great grandfather
Gen 13
son of Hans Stockhaus
Gen 12
son of Adam Stockhaus
Gen 11
daughter of Lukas Adamsson Stockhaus
Gen 10
daughter of Katarina Lukasdotter Stockhaus
Gen 9
daughter of Magdalena Andersdotter
Gen 8
son of Maria Gustafsdotter Hagberg
Gen 7
daughter of Peter Mejer
Gen 6
daughter of Anna Maria Mejer
Gen 5
son of Anna Maria Forslund
Gen 4
daughter of Per Fridström
Gen 3
daughter of Sofia Olivia Fridström
Gen 2
daughter of Sofia Olivia Viberg
Gen 1
son of Valborg Linnéa Viktoria Sälgö
Gen 0
son of Carl-Eric Sälgö

Links Stockhaus DNA

On Myheritage I found the following project to dig deeper


This Y-DNA project is open to all males with the surname STOCKHAUSEN (or variant, including von Stockhausen). The intention of this project is to investigate if and how the Stockhausens in/from Germany are related. It should also assist Stockhausen families in the US, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, South America, the UK and elsewhere in the world to find out where in Germany their ancestors originated ..................................................................




The German telephone directory lists almost 1,000 entries for Stockhausen and von Stockhausen - representing (a rough estimation) about 2,000 to 2,500 persons -, more than half of them in the Regierungsbezirke Köln, Duesseldorf, Koblenz and Arnsberg. The highest concentrations can be found in the Sauerland region (near Meschede-Stockhausen) and along the Rhein and Sieg rivers, between Düsseldorf/Cologne and Koblenz (near Windhagen-Stockhausen/ Kreis Neuwied, and/or Stockhausen-Illfurth/Westerwald). In Germany, there are at least 15 villages or hamlets named Stockhausen. The surname Stockhausen apparently developed independently around several of these villages. It is therefore very unlikely that the various families all share one common ancestor.

Dieses Y-DNA Projekt richtet sich an alle männlichen Personen mit dem Nachnamen STOCKHAUSEN (oder eine Variante, einschließlich von Stockhausen). Im deutschen Telefonverzeichnis finden sich fast 1.000 Einträge zu den Namen Stockhausen sowie von Stockhausen – grob geschätzt handelt es sich dabei um rund 2.000 bis 2.500 Personen -, mehr als die Hälfte davon in den Regierungsbezirken Köln, Düsseldorf, Koblenz und Arnsberg. Die höchste Dichte weisen der Hochsauerlandkreis (Umgebung von Meschede-Stockhausen) sowie die Region an Rhein und Sieg, zwischen Koblenz und Köln/Düsseldorf, (nahe Windhagen-Stockhausen/ Kreis Neuwied, und/oder Stockhausen-Illfurth/Westerwald) auf. In Deutschland gibt es mindestens 15 Dörfer und Weiler, die den Ortsnamen Stockhausen tragen. Der Familienname Stockhausen entwickelte sich offenbar unabhängig von einander in mehreren Gegenden rund um diese Dörfer. Eine gemeinsame Abstammung aller Stockhausen-Namensträger erscheint daher unwahrscheinlich.

More information 

Tyska smeder. (sid 119-124 Släktforskarnas årsbok 2003) Att det på 1600-talet invandrade många vallonska smeder känner de flesta släktforskare till. Men att det också kom minst lika många tyska smeder är mindre känt. Av Ulf Berggren, Spånga

Fellingsbro socken 1961 - kyrkoherde Gustaw Lindqvist

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