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Bygdeband - Swedish site containing local history P6192

A new property is added so I have done a small test before we make a bigger upload see below....  see also GITHUB salgo60.github.io/Svenskaforsamlingar

Swedish Parish

All connected Wikidata objects with Wikidata <-> Bygdeband


Family Search pattern

In Family search Wiki we have set up that they have pages about Swedish Church Parishes

Change done in a test Wiki Template at Family search adding P6192 -> Bygdeband

  1. In a Template we Add the Swedish National Archives NAD number that is in 99% of the cases unique
  2. By using the HUB tool we use this unique NAD number to
    1. Find the Wikidata object that is related to the NAD number
    2. By adding that we would like P6192 Bygdeband then the user will be redirected to the Bygdeband site
see test page at Family Search User:Salgo60/Test_Nad_Template

  1. We add NAD number to the template ex. SE/VaLA/03580 ==>
    1. Link National Archives
       ==> https://tools.wmflabs.org/hub/P5324:SE/VaLA/03580?property=P5324
    2. SCB maps
      ==> https://tools.wmflabs.org/hub/P5324:SE/VaLA/03580?property=P778
    3. Swedish Wikipedia
       ==> https://tools.wmflabs.org/hub/P5324:SE/VaLA/03580?lang=sv
    4. Open Street map
      ==> https://tools.wmflabs.org/hub/P5324:SE/VaLA/03580?property=P625
    5. NEW Bygdeband
      ==> https://tools.wmflabs.org/hub/P5324:SE/VaLA/03580?property=P6192

Today the Family Search template Infobox_Swedish_Parishes is used on +2800 pages

Next step Family Search

  1. All those pages need a NAD number I guess +1000 has that today 
  2. Change the Infobox_Swedish_Parishes template to also support P6192
  3. Connect Bygdeband with Swedish Church parishes in Wikidata 

Bygdeband P6192

  1. In bygdeband a location has an unique number ==> that is the number we add to Wikidata ==>
    1. Bygdeband page Lilla Malma församling = 371664 ==>

      OBS to get links to work we need a restart of the HUB app see GITHUB reported issue
      1. Link National Archives
      2. SCB maps
      3. Swedish Wikipedia
      4. Open Street map = Property 625

        Example list with these URLs


  1. Today we have locations ==> Lilla Malma församling is argument 371664
    1. if we change the property to be more general then we could use
      1. Location plats/371664 
      2. Person  person/983487
      3. pictures ???
  2. Bygdeband is redesigning its web. We need to get some feedback
    1. how will the structure be?
    2. API support, SPARQL endpoint (compare Wikidata)
    3. Should we add same as Wikidata(sv:Wikipedia)
    4. Should everyone be able to add locations or how is the process
    5. Any process for manage changes e.g. Wikidata is designed to be easy machine readable see 
      1. video export datasets swedish "export till JSON och se kod i olika programspråk"
    6. If Wikipedia should link Bygdeband I think we need a model to find "församlingar" with content?!?!

      Next step get some feedback from Bygdeband.se 


Hur Wikidata fungerar bakom kulisserna länk -> javascript API för SPARQL/sökning

Hur vi kopplar ihop Svenska församlingar med Bygdeband, Riksarkivet SVAR, Svenska Wikipedia

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