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My resources

Below resources on the net related to me and my genealogy

This Swedish/English blog http://minancestry.blogspot.se/My family tree att wikitree
Family tree at Ancestry http://trees.ancestry.se/tree/20261258/family

Video in Swedish about my family tree 2014 june 

Video about my mothers relatives in English

DNA testing

I have tested Y-DNA37 = haplogroup I-M253
FTDNA kit 320352
I have also a Big-Y and its moved to Y-full for classification http://yfull.com/


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Maps I have created

Släktforskarkollegor i mitt träd/ Other researching people in my family tree

Google map where I have other people doing research in "my tree" or have knowledge I can use also some living ancestors that can be worth visit

DNA matching resources
Google map below of where my latest relatives have lived. Thought is that this map shall make it easier to find DNA matches......

My family tree is rather "well" distributed in the world ==> maybe it is easier to find where in the tree I relate to different people


Yugoslavia/Serbia my mothers father Momcilo Petrowitz  is from Yugoslavia. Born in Požarevač Serbia and worked in Belgrade but was in 1924-1926 in Västerås, Sweden. His father is from Studenitza, Serbia and his mother from Veliko Gradište, Serbia.

Kila Simtuna Romfartuna,Sweden ==> on my fathers fathers line - Karl August Johansson 1865-1948 and Lovisa Mathilda Carlsson

On my fathers mothers side Valborg Linnea Viktoria Lindner we have father unknown and Sofia Sofia Olivia Lindner mother Sofia Olivia Fridström has a father Per Fridström who is a smedsven and is from the family Stockhaus see blogpost about Stockhaus DNA

Olivia Lindner who has a father from Poland ==> Frans Josef Lindner came to Sweden about 1860 from a place called Jaśkowice  in Proskau in Poland see birth certificate

Västra Götaland, Sweden my mothers mothers came from Göteborg and her relatives Häggerstalund

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