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Wikitree biological vs. Nonbiological relationship

Did a test of the concept that Wikitree also should support social links... see also Wikitree G2G and profile Sjöstrand-29

A father can now be non-biological and appear in Family trees and descendant charts with no explanation compare confirmed by DNA that at least gets an icon.....

It's even more confusing that in a DNA view a descendant appears with the attribute non-biological....
  1. In Wikitree you can have one relation to one father
  2. A relation to a father can today (2016-4) have attributes
    1. confirmed with DNA ==> you have a biological relation
    2. confident
    3. uncertain
    4. non-biological
  3.  What is said about using father and say its non-biological is found in the help files
    1. In help text the meaning of the father is defined
      1. /wiki/Non-traditional_families

        "However, for non-living people, genetic connections should be used when they're known." 

        ==> if it's not stated or the profile has privacy you don't know what is in a field for a living person

        ==> if we don't know the biological parent its ok to use also social links....
      2. /wiki/Adoptions_and_multiple_parents

        "For example, if you were adopted you can choose to enter your adoptive or biological parents as your mother and father. If your great grandfather was adopted, you should use his biological parents, if or when they are known.

        ==> hm....but if great grandfather is living you could use non-bio... according to 1)
      3. /wiki/Non-Biological "It should be used when you are confident that the connected parent is not the birth parent, but the birth parent is unknown or the family prefers to have an adoptive or step-parent appear on profiles and family trees....

        For deep ancestry it is important to use biological parents when they are known. But for modern, private profiles, it's up to the families. See Adoptions and multiple parents for more information."

        ==> hm....new word that maybe needs a definition deep ancestry is that always non living? Normally I associate that word with Y-DNA testing .....
    2. Tests how it looks for an user of Wikitree
      1. Family tree view no difference and no explanation between biological and non-biological see Sälgö-Family-Tree-1

        BUT confirmed with DNA has an icon

      2. Descendant view no difference and no explanation between biological and non biological

        see Hagström-Descendants-23

      3. DNA Ancestors view also non Biological relations appear but you have an explanation 

        see Hagström-23/890

        Must be a bug that social links also are listed in a DNA view

      4. On the profile no explanation if the father is father or a step-father....

        See Sjöstrand-29

      5. DNA Descendants view

        OK for DNA tree

        Wrong X-Chromosome also displays non-biological

      6. Gedcom Export

        Eva Mona Lisa Sjöstrand with a non biological relationship to Karl Gustaf Hagström is exported as a child

        1 FAMC @F3@
        0 @F3@ FAM --> Wikitree DNA view of family
        1 HUSB @I125@ ---> Karl Gustaf Hagström
        1 WIFE @I126@
        1 CHIL @I3@ --> Eva Mona Lisa Sjöstrand

        Correct is to have 2  FAMC see FAMC-Tag

        GEDCOM 5.5.1 for an adoption use the following structure:
        0 @I57@ INDI
           1 NAME ...
           1 FAMC @F1@ <pointer to natural parents>
           1 FAMC @F2@ <pointer to adopting parents>
              2 PEDI adopted <[ adopted | birth | foster | sealing ]> 1)
           1 ADOP
              2 FAMC @F2@
                 3 ADOP BOTH <[ BOTH | HUSB | WIFE ] <who adopted>
      7. Ancestors list shows nn biological relations with an indication...
      8. Family Group Sheet no indication if biological or not
      9.  DNA Ancestor Confirmation AID for Magnus Sälgö

        Wrong also displays non-biological relations and explains what tests should be taken

        see Sälgö-1/899


 Conclusions/comments Magnus

  1. Using the fields father/mothers both for biological and non-biological just adds confusion
    1. Both from an user perspective
    2. And also the wikitree code seems not built for "reuse" fields in an easy way
  2. Define in a help text that the meaning of a field change over time will just add confusion
  3. A field in a database should have one meaning not changing over time it's bad database design and just adds confusion
  4. From an user perspective not knowing if its a biological relationship you see in a descendant view just adds confusion
  5. In a DNA view display a non biological relationship with an attribute non-biological just adds confusion


Add new fields for social relations and if you should display those relations in descendant views make it clear its a social link not a biological link

See also

  1. Ancestry
    They add an alternative father
  2. My heritage
    They add an alternative father
  3. When Family Means More (or Less) Than Genetics chapter "Multiple Meanings of “Family”

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